Sunday, April 10, 2016

So Long Target

So Long, Target

April 10, 2016

     My daughters gave me a gift certificate to Target for Christmas. There happens to be a Target close by our apartment here in Independence. Since we do not have one of these stores in our small town in AZ, it is somewhat of  a novelty for me to go browse the aisles and look at things I don't need.
     Yesterday, after the Christmas spirit has come and gone and the seasons have changed, I announced to my girls that I have finally spent the last dollar on that glorious gift card. I had to add $11.68 of my own cash to make it come out even.
     Now, you may think, "So what".....but this is the deal. Here I live in the Mansion Apartments on Lee Summit Road and Target had no idea I was running a warehouse out of my bedroom in their honor. I would go to their store, buy an item, bring it home, try it on, study it, take a picture of it for the girls with a note of thanks to them, study it some more, decide it was not for me, and return it on our next Pday. Then, the process would be repeated again....and again. Is it a sickness or was I just having a good time stretching and streeeeetching that gift card? Who knows. But it's over. I gave one big final thanks to my girls yesterday.
    On another note, we attended a production put on by the Remnant Church of Jesus Christ this week. It was in honor of the dedication of the Kirtland Temple. By the way, I was wearing a top I got at Target. I spoke to some ladies sitting behind us and found out they were members of the Community of Christ (formerly Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). They came because they love the Kirtland Temple too. The longer we have served here, the more confused I am about these break-off churches. And I am sure that feeling is likewise from some of them. The true gospel of Jesus Christ, led by President Thomas S. Monson, has so much to offer all of mankind. Can they not see it? In the intermission of this little play, the plates were passed to the organist playing rather loudly, "The Spirit of God".  My elder slept through most of the play and I didn't even disturb him.
    Our days are numbered. Yesterday we drove down the road crying as we listened to "Homeward Bound". How can a person cry because they are excited to go home and cry at the same time because they have to go Home. It's a strange thing.

My Love to all of you,
Sister Seaman 

The Gift that Keeps on Giving

     My wife is the greatest.  But everybody is "odd at times, even thee." Consequently, I have noted an unusual behavior on her part, on several occasions through out the years.  I have wondered if it is genetic or learned, and have debated it with myself on those same many occasions.  I know that Sister Seaman's father was very kind to her during her growing up years.  He would peel some cash off the wad he always had in his pocket and give her whatever she needed or wanted (my perspective.)  Unfortunately, I have never had a big wad of cash in my pocket that I could give her.  Anyway, she likes lots of clothes and small pretty things (what woman doesn't.) (This is not meant to be a negative comment so don't take it like it was meant that way.) Men generally like big things, but women like small pretty things. Lots of them.  An estate sale here in Missouri is like a good dream to Sister Seaman.  She will always find something she cannot live without.
     Now, it appears that we have stumbled onto a very inexpensive way to keep the demon in check and that is a "Gift Card."  The process of "buying and returning" has been taken to new heights.  It has lasted almost 4 months now. Sister Seaman has been as happy as I have seen her, and according to her perspective above, it is working quite well. She has been so excited each P-Day to bring something new home and then take it back the next week. We have laughed a good deal about this lately. I am happy if she if happy.
     Happiness is an elusive thing.  Everybody with any wisdom says we have to choose to be happy.  That may be so, but I have found that when you find yourself happy it is generally because of something you did that had good consequences.  For yourself or someone else.  Most of the time for someone else.  On a couple of occasions here in the mission field, I have seen real happiness.  I have seen a family accept the gospel and then be baptized and then a year later go to the temple and be sealed for time and eternity.  I have seen them soak it up like a sponge. There is nothing like that kind of happiness and joy.  What is it that brings that kind of happiness, it is sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ and watching the Holy ghost testify of the truth of it and then see the good things that happen.
     Sister Seaman and I are not good proselytizers, but we are firm in our testimonies of the Savior and are good at the supporting roles of missionary work.  The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the "Gift that keeps on giving" and it is the only real way to eternal happiness and joy.  So whether you are the buy and return type of person and/or a missionary you may find real happiness.

Elder Seaman


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