Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sing We Now at parting

Sing We Now at Parting

April 3, 2016

     Sing we now at parting
     One more strain of praise
     To our Heav'nly Father
     Sweetest songs we'll raise
     For his loving kindness
     For his tender care,
     Let our songs of gladness
     Fill this Sabbath air.

This closing song in the final session of the 186th General Conference brought back so many thoughts and feelings. Of course, as we holed up here in our little apartment in Independence for this, our final conference while we are on this mission, I had lots of thoughts and feelings. I feel pretty much like not bothering all of you with any of my discussion of what a great conference it was. You all had your own impressions and I'm quite sure they are a lot loftier than mine.

Three thoughts:
*I was nine years old in 1963 when President Monson began his service to the Lord. There were TWELVE temples on the earth. I could have recognized any of them from a picture held up in Primary. Today, there are 150 temples dotting the land. Our new grandson, Cody Tenney, is thrilled that President Monson announced one to be built in Zimbabwe. He wrote, "There are so many good people there who deserve the blessings of the Lord's house".
*What in the world did all of us do in the Spirit World to deserve to be here on the earth at this time when the gospel of Jesus Christ is so empowering, fills us with Hope, and blesses every aspect of our lives?
*Finally, did any of you see some little girls singing in the Tabernacle Choir? Was it my eyes? Or is that choir growing younger as I grow older? The music for EVERY session was absolutely grand.

So, my dear family back in Arizona....."Heaven is cheering you on today, tomorrow, and forever". Jeffrey R. Holland

Grandma, Grams, Mom, Sister Seaman 


     All of you know that the times we live in are perilous and dangerous.  As I have watched the TV lately and heard about the refugees from Syria and Turkey, I found myself agreeing with some pundits that they just might be dangerous to our health should we let them in our country.  They might be Jihadists.  They want to kill Christians.  They are radicalized to the point of self-extermination in order to exterminate us.
    Today all that changed for me.  As I listened to Elder Kearon's talk in General Conference, I felt a strong impression to pay attention.  I found myself hanging on his every word.  It was reality and it was talked about in a General Conference talk.  Elder Kearon had witnessed the plight of those refugees first hand.  He had looked into their eyes and seen the horror and fear of their desperate situations.
     I vowed to myself that if the opportunity presents itself, I will be in there helping them anyway I can.   These are also Heavenly Father's children.  We can do better.  We can serve them if it comes to it.  I cannot imagine how I would feel if I, or especially, my wife and children were in that situation.  I will not worry about the refugees being dangerous and unless I feel prompted to run, I will serve.
     I know that my own ancestors were refugees.  Some, not all, were kind to them.  They made it.  Maybe in some sense we are all refugees.  Lost and trying to find our way home (meaning Heaven.)  We can help each other find our home.    
     I hope that my kids find themselves being charitable and serving wherever they are called or needed all their lives.  Sacrificing comforts for those around them.  It will be worth it.  It is expected of those who have made covenants.  I am ready to serve.  Tell me where to go. Love you all.  See you in a few.

Elder Seaman


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