Sunday, March 6, 2016

I Love to See the Temple

I Love to see the temple

March 6, 2016

     The weather was fine. The temple was filled. Delores went through for her first time yesterday morning. She has been in our temple prep class for many months as she has prepared herself all on her own to do this. She has a complicated background with an almost ex-husband and grown children from another man.  Her children are not interested in living the gospel at this time.
     Our little temple prep class has a personality all its own. We have a core group of sisters who like to come and stay even after they have received their endowments. They stand as a symbol to the others that, is possible to go to the temple. Yes, the temple is for everyone. Yes, it takes some hard work on each of their part's to get there. Help is available through a kind bishop and the atonement of Jesus Christ.
     I have learned many things from all of these sisters. The most important thing has been how they have taught me to move forward with a simple faith that all will be well. One of our sisters, Matalili, is going back to the temple this week to be married, and then, move away to UT to live with her husband's family. She has never been away from her mother's side. She and her husband met at the Special Olympics. She is moving forward with a simple faith.
    Our friend, Delores, continually talks of having a relationship with a man who loves and treats her with respect. She so badly wants that in her life so, now, she is moving forward with a simple faith that it will be possible for her someday. On the other hand, another one of our star student's, Simone, claims she is not one bit interested in living with a priesthood holder. But, she is interested in going to the temple for her endowments. All of our sisters have a story. Such a unique bunch here in Independence, MO and we get to play  a teensy, tinsy part in getting them to the temple.
     My girls, I tell you this, because I hope you don't take the temple for granted.  Each of us in the Seaman family lives close enough to a temple to make it a part of our routine. It can be done. I was pleased to get a text from Connie Lewis this week reporting she saw you, Lindsay, with our dear Noah, at the temple for his first time to do baptisms.  Those kind of reports from home mean more to me than you all can guess.

     "I believe that the busy person....can solve problems better and more quickly in the house of the Lord than any where else. At the most unexpected moments, in or out of the temple will come, as a
revelation, the solution to the problems that vex our lives."  John A. Widstoe

     How about it? That promise sounds grand to me. Let's do it, Girls.

My love,
Sister Seaman...aka Mom to Caitlin, Addie, Lindsay, Jessica, Kirsten, and Mauriah

Mixed Feelings

    The count down has started for me.  I am officially "trunky!" We will experience one more transfer (saying goodbye to a few and hello to a few), we will attend one more senior dinner (where we will have to cry and bear our testimonies), we will attend one more stake conference in Warrensburg, MO, and  we will attend one more Mission Conference next weekend and Elder Stephenson, the new Apostle is coming.  I will deliver a few more pieces of furniture, move a few more missionaries and then it will be time to go home.  I hope I can talk about something else besides going home in the next 7 blog reports.  There is officially only 53 more days left in this mission experience.  Home.  Home.
     Independence, Missouri, on the other hand, will remain locked in my heart forever.  I will
remember the grassy, rolling hills, with trees and ponds and that everything is so green it brings tears to my eyes.  I will remember the sacred spirit of the sacred places.  I will remember all of the hundreds of break-off churches surrounding the temple lot.  I will remember the funny-looking sea-shell temple across the street from the temple lot that feels literally so empty.  I will remember the Kansas City Temple in all its glorious beauty and spirit.  I will especially remember the missionaries who have come and gone over the last 16 months.  It has been hard to have such great young friends only to see them leave for home.  I think we will see many of them again through the years.  I will remember the small part we played in at least 6 peoples lives as they went to the temple for the first time here.  I will remember the Samoans and their loving nature.  I will remember Missouri.
     As you can tell, I have very mixed feelings.  Show Low is home but Missouri certainly has a big place in my heart.  The Lord has been so good to us as we have labored here.  The blessings cannot be counted.  I will probably not talk about this again.  Ha Ha.

Love you all,
Elder Seaman

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