Sunday, January 3, 2016

We Worked Hard. We Partied Hard.

We Worked Hard. We Partied Hard.

January 3, 2016

     Our week Home in Show Low, AZ is ending. We have worked hard. We have partied hard. It has been a week we will never forget. How can we be old enough to have a married granddaughter? It seems so surreal. She was a beautiful bride. Cody was a handsome, worthy groom that hit the jackpot.
So many dear friends and relatives came to wish them well at their reception. The decorations and food were outstanding.  All of our children and grandchildren looked topnotch. And, can they all cut a rug......It has been pure joy.
    Certainly, the highlight was Tuesday morning in the Snowflake Temple as our old bishop, LaVell Owens, sealed this young couple for all eternity, depending on their worthiness. We woke that morning to gentle snow falling down outside our window. The forest around our little house in Sierra Pines was still. It was as if Heavenly Father was blessing the day and sending word from the heavens that this marriage was approved.  Did he know of each person's feelings involved in this marriage? Did He understand the bittersweet thoughts of Jerry and Mauriah? Dave and Gaye Tenney? The happy feelings of Kortney's two brothers, Ethan and Jett? And, of course, the thoughts of the bride and groom, Kortney and Cody?
     I have faith that He did and He does. I have faith that He approved of two old missionaries leaving their line of work to return Home to celebrate for a short while. It was an occasion to remember. We are both so thankful to have been here. But now the time has come to say "So Long" for a few more short months, get back on that plane, and get back where we belong. In the Independence Missouri Mission office. Hope they left the lights on for us.

"God has infinite attention, infinite time to spare for each of us. He doesn't have to take us in line. You're as much alone with Him as if you were the only thing He'd ever created."
                                                                                                                             C. S. Lewis

My Love,
Sister Seaman

How Could this Happen to us???

     Just a note tonight to express my gratitude to Heavenly Father, family, friends and especially Mauriah and Jerry Walker and Dave and Gay Tenney.  Maybe Cody and Kortney came good but often times it is what the parents and everyone else, that had an influence on these two, put in to it. Thank you.  The week could not have been better.  We are so grateful that we were given permission to come home.  We couldn't be happier.
     Just one thing.  This event could make us GREAT-GRANDPARENTS within the next year.  How could that happen to us so soon.  Time marches on.
     Now back to work.  We have felt a little weird being here in Show Low as full-time missionaries and not doing our assignments.  We will try to catch up starting Tuesday.  See you back in Show Low in 3.5 months.

Love you all,
Elder Seaman

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  1. It was really nice to see you two. Thank you so much for everything. We had some real good times right?! Love you!