Sunday, January 10, 2016

Back in the Saddle

Back in the Saddle

January 10, 2016


     We are back in the saddle again. The  transition was easy to make. We flew into town Tuesday afternoon and drove straight to the office. When it was quitting time, we headed home to see that our little apartment had been "doored" while we were away. (see picture above)  It was a Welcome sight. A missionary or two must have missed us. Not one of the locals will take responsibility for it.
    In the time we were away, two emergency transfers took place due to illnesses. I am always in awe that these young missionaries seem to be so flexible. When a call comes from President
Vest, they can pack their bags and be out the door to a new area in nothing flat, as long as they have a ride. They wake up in new surroundings and immediately get to work. I love that about them. And always, they seem to be so happy and thankful. For everything. I want to be more like that. So, this year, I want to say.....

                      "It is not happy people who are thankful.....
                        It is thankful people who are happy...."

     I have been working on the mission history in order to send it in to Salt Lake. I was ordering the New Arrival pictures for the year late Thursday afternoon when a herd of missionaries came stomping into the office. The monthly Mission Leadership Council was over. They had been in training all day with President Vest. In my mind, I was reviewing pictures of young elders and sisters who had arrived in the mission in the course of this past year and now, some of them are here and they are part of the leadership. Sister Baggett, a newly called Sister Training Leader, exclaimed to me how much she had loved her day. She threw out her arms and said, "How could I not love it? Sitting in that room with such good people who are all united to the same cause?"
     That is how I have to sum up my simple week. Nothing earth shattering or even newsworthy. Oh wait, I take that back. I am here to report that I am happy. I am thankful to be out here patting these missionaries on the back. We are all united in the same cause. That is to help spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Isn't that the most happy thing anyone can think of?

My Love to my Darling Grandchildren!
Sister Seaman

Stay in the Saddle

     It must be "Saddle Sunday."  Both Sister Seaman and I have saddles on our minds.  When we were home last week, we saw President Williams, Show Low Arizona Stake President.  For some reason he ask me to think about any advice that I might give him.  It was a very open-ended assignment.  I thought about it a couple of times trying to figure out what he wanted from me.  I got to see him before we left to go home and he ask me again what I thought.  The only thing that came to my mind was to say "Stay in the saddle."
    I had thought how lame that little bit of old western advise was.  But I thought about it all the way home on the plane and I now think maybe it wasn't so lame. 
    The saying, "Stay in the Saddle," means exactly that.  It was and is a term to express to the rider of a horse that it is safer to stay in the saddle than to be thrown off.  Being thrown off can bring on some excruciating pain.  So no matter what the horse is doing (i.e., bucking, running out of control, jumping fences, etc.) it is safer to stay in the saddle if at all possible.  I have known some cowboys who have not stayed in the saddle (one Quinn Smith) and have been broken up, scraped up and stepped on.
    So President, Stay in the Saddle, even when the going gets tough and the interviews pile up, and the Saints don't do right, and you're wondering how it will all get done, just Stay in the Saddle.  In fact, we pray that you will stay in the saddle until the Lord releases you and then you can swing down from the horse you've been riding and say, whew! I'm glad that ride is over.
    To the my children and friends, I also say Stay in the Saddle.  Don't get bucked off and land on your head and go off crazy.  Don't leave the God that loves you, don't get hurt feelings, don't leave your testimony on the horse, listen to the Prophet's voice, read your scriptures, say your prayers, teach your kids the gospel, have family home evening. Do your calling.  Make some sacrifices.
     So when you hear me say, Stay in the Saddle, you know what I mean. Stay safe.
     I love you all.

Elder Seaman


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  1. I am happy to be reading another great post by both of you. I have really really enjoyed reading these little tid bits into your lives and testimonies. You two are GREAT. I want to be more grateful too, Mom. In fact, it is my new years goal to find something to thank Jordy for everyday. And Dad I love the advice...Sometimes I don't want to stay in the saddle but I will work on it. LOVE you both!!