Sunday, December 6, 2015

They All Came!

They All Came! AND so did Bob and Linda!

December 6, 2015

      The whole mission met in Independence on Tuesday, Dec. 1 for the All Mission Christmas Conference. In the morning session, there were trainings and testimonies from departing missionaries who will be leaving our mission in December and January. As I listened to 17 testimonies, my mind reflected back to our experiences with each of them. It is my duty to report from Missouri as often as I feel inspired to write it that these missionaries are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ. They are bold and quick to share it. On most days they are happy and upbeat. They can be funny at times, reflective,  and brave at other times. The list goes on.....My grandkids, I will say again - I pray you 
are like them. Say your prayers. Brush your teeth. Make your bed. Study Preach my Gospel with your family. Then, go. Go when the time is right. You will be a blessing to someone in the world just as these missionaries in the Missouri Independence Mission have been and still are blessings to others.
    After lunch and an afternoon of entertainment from each zone, we all watched "A Savior is Born" and the accompanying animated video ( Each time I see these short videos I want to stand and shout, Amen! A Savior was born and because of him I have every opportunity to make it back to meet Him and my Heavenly Parents again someday. I will also see my loved ones again. My mom and dad. My grandparents. Lorraine. Don. Uncle Ted. All my loved ones.....All because a Savior was born.
     To conclude our mission conference, we walked up to the Visitor Center for a group picture around the Christus. Could it be pulled off was the burning question all day. As you will see from my pictures that, yes, it was.  What you do not see or hear is 230 missionaries breaking into the mission song and also, Called to Serve Him, when the picture session was complete.
     They all came for a glorious day. And it was that. Also this week, Uncle Bob and Aunt Linda passed through for a quick lunch on Friday . They were on their way home from serving 18 months in Canada. Oh, it was good to see them!! I always learn something talking to these two loved ones. Their mission was hard. It was so good to compare notes and see what we each have learned. Why Canada for the Evans' and why Missouri for the Seaman's? The Lord knows us all, my grandkids. He knows where we need to be to help the work move forward. He will place you where you need to be when the time is right, my little grands. Linda told me of an experience she had with an answer to prayer. She was clearly reminded that the Lord wanted her to "do what she could with these people that He loves and He will make up the difference". I left them in the parking lot later that afternoon with a renewed determination to do what I could out here in the MIM office and the Lord will make up the difference.
     So, another week gone by. Another week of just doing my teensy, tiny part to help the work move forward. Was it a good one? Yes, it was. They all came. Testimony was born. The spirit was felt. Now, aren't I a blessed ol' sister missionary to be part of this wonderful work? The only thing missing were all of you, my dear grandchildren.  Oh, I still miss you all so! But we are all getting blessed. Can you feel it?

Happiest of Decembers to my darlings!
Sister Seaman, ......aka grandma to Avy, Sailor, Mikael, Macy, Livi, Chloe, Mattie, Kenz, Ellie, Brookie, Kortney, Cash, Max, Zane, Elijah, Ezra, Noah. Kyson, Teag, Ethan, and Jett.

The Challenge

     The truck and trailer are traveling at about 75 miles an hour headed due north on Interstate 35 towards Albany, Missouri.  Albany is about 2 hours away from Independence at the far end of the mission.  The trailer is empty but the truck is full of missionaries.  Two sets.  We are going to Albany to move a senior sister to Chillicothe and close the little rental she has lived in for about 13 months.   She did a wonderful job in that little town.  The people at the Bingo games and the Library meetings and other groups just love her.  We stopped later for lunch in a town 20 miles east for lunch and several of the old people eating at the Dairy Queen were hugging her and crying about them missing her.  Wow, what an example.
     Anyway, I digress. We had to stop in Cameron on the way up for a bathroom break.  As I watched the missionaries trying to decide what they wanted at McDonalds, I noticed that one of the missionaries was talking to a stranger and eventually gave him a pass-a-long card with the Christmas Initiative on it.  The Christmas All Missionary Conference was where these cards were handed out.  The mission got about 18,000 of these little cards which were equally distributed to the 220 missionaries.  Elder Lacock had just started his missionary day with success.
     As I thought about it, I have never really been able to give cards to strangers. So I decided to throw down the challenge.  The two sets of missionaries and me would have a contest all day long to see who could get the most cards placed.  Game on. I don't play if I'm going to lose.
     Elder Lacock lives by the spirit.  He follows the promptings closer than any missionary I have ever known.  He always has a prayer in his heart to reach out to all who are around him. It is almost cheating. Every time I would turn my back he and his companion, Elder Hales, would be talking to someone.
     We stopped for gas in Jamesport (that's right, the little Amish community.) The missionaries run for the bathroom and the goodies.  I stay with the truck.  A lady pulls up on the other side of the pump.  She starts getting her gas.  I catch her eye.  "How's it going?" I ask.  She says she is grateful.  I say, grateful, that is a very unusual way to answer.  She says she knows but that is how she feels.  I press for the card placement.  She takes it and then she says she has something for me.  She opens her trunk and gives me a paperback book.  The title is The lies in Our Lives.  I am looking at it and turn it over and see the author's picture on the back.  It looks like the lady I am talking to.  It is.  I have her sign it for me and thank her.  The score is missionaries 1, Elder Seaman 1.
     I walk in the little store to round them up and then walk back out to the truck.  What is keeping them?  They have given another card to the grouchy looking cook in the back and it had brightened her day. 2 to 1.
    I didn't win that day, but I did catch on to placing the cards.  I will do my best now.  Elder Lacock goes home this week.  He has been one of my very favorite missionaries.  I will miss him dearly, his love for the Savior and the restored gospel  and especially for his example to me of what it takes to be a real good missionary.  I will never forget him.
     So, if the missionaries ask you to give out pass-a-long cards, please try it.  You will know that the Lords wants all his children to know the truth.  I love you all. 

Elder Seaman



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  1. Linda's mantra has been mine all semester long. It was something I learned a couple of months before school started. Do the best I can and let the Lord take care of the rest. I am definitely learning what it means to "let it go and let God". Such a blessing in my life.
    It is so fun to see all your pictures with the young missionaries! It seems as if they all have adopted you. Unfair. You guys belong to us! It is such a foreign world you guys live in. I am so proud of you for being brave enough to do your part in spreading the good word. I have gone a whole semester with three nonmember lab partners. Never once have I spoke up about my beliefs. Sure I've talked about being a mother but about not drinking? about no coffee? about how a lot of my time is spent doing churchy things? not so much. I have watched one of the girls all semester long, so bubbly, so happily jump at the chance to help or serve others. I have wondered about her and felt some shame that I am not more like her. I am so very involved in my own little world. For a month or so now though our family has been trying to find ways to serve someone every day. I have noticed a difference in my own life. You two are the best examples. So so love you. And DAD? I hate pass along cards. They give me serious anxiety. You would be amazed at how much thought goes into handing out invitations to the ward Christmas party. It didn't get done. Reading your story made me sweat. But look at how it turned out! So good. I am so impressed with you both.