Sunday, December 27, 2015

Here We Are

Here We Are

December 27, 2015

     Elder Cody Tenney left Show Low, Az in July 2013 to travel across the continent to Zimbabwe to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ.  It was a bittersweet day for a young girl, Kortney Walker. They made plans to wait and see what the future would hold for them.
     Life went on. They wrote weekly while Kortney continued growing up and participating in high school activities. This she did with honors, all the while working at the local Dairy Queen, cheering, helping her mom, and setting a standard for all 20 Seaman cousins to follow. 
     Elder Tenney returned with honor from Africa this past summer. After a 16 hour flight to Atlanta, and then 4 hours to Arizona,  he met his family at Sky Harbor Airport   When the family hit the mountain, guess where Elder Tenney headed.....Yep.....and the welcome sign covered the width of the street. 
     So, HERE WE ARE. We are Home. For a short while to witness the wedding of these two. Isn't this a wonderful story with a happy ending? Kortney is our oldest granddaughter. As we stood in the 
Celestial Room of the Snowflake Temple yesterday with all six of our daughters and their husbands and waited for this young couple to come into the room, my elder and I squeezed hands and marveled at our blessings. 
     All Week my mind  has gone  back to my personal blessing given by President Williams before we left for Missouri. "This is the absolute best thing you can do for your family".  I felt that yesterday in the temple as Kortney went through for her endowments; then as we met at the Gaylord's house for Christmas Eve, and again,at the Hatch's house on Christmas Day.  
    We have found all is well in Show Low and more importantly, all is well in our families. Not to say they have not experienced trials, and even some heartbreak along the way this past year or so. But we love to see their desires to have the gospel of Jesus Christ in their homes. Cody and Kortney Tenney will follow the same pattern. They have both been taught well. 
    We are here for the week. We feel so blessed.  But, I have to confess, part of my heart is still in Missouri. When two young elders came into sacrament meeting today in Sierra Pines Ward, I made eye contact with one. We smiled and both of us tapped our name tags. It made me cry. 
     We will go home after the big party this weekend and finish the job. When I say Home, we both know what that means. Missouri. The Lord called us for 18 months. Just like Cody and Kortney, we have some exciting times ahead of us. 

All my Love,
Sister Seaman....aka grandma to the bride, Kortney. And Cody Tenney's new grandma. Just ask him.

Show Low Arizona

     Sister Seaman has lived in Show Low, Arizona all her life. And except for three brief periods of time when she went off to school at NAU, after we were married and lived in Scottsdale while I finished school at ASU,  and lately while we have been serving in Missouri, she has not been inclined to leave.  The decision was made early on in our marriage that we would stay and raise our family here, knowing full well that we would be giving up better paying jobs and more opportunities elsewhere. Actually, we didn't really give up much.  Maybe a better paying job, but everything else has been worth it.  In fact, that decision was instrumental in my being able to serve in the various church positions that I was called to and probably would not have had the same opportunities living in other places.
     I remember all of our girls, at some point in their teenage years, vowed to leave this place and not return because it was so small and "not with it."  Well, all of our 6 girls have either stayed after they were married or moved back or at some point lived near here.  As of today, 5 out of 6 live in or within 20 miles of Show Low. There is something about this place that gets in your blood.  It feels good here.  
     It felt good today as we got to visit our ward at church and hug and cry as we renewed old friendships.  We have missed the place, but we also know that Missouri has a hold on us for 4 more months.  We have grown to love our mission.  We have grown to love the missionaries that serve in Missouri.  We have grown to love the sacred places in Missouri. We have grown to love missionary service.  I think it is keeping us young.  I know that it is blessing our lives and the lives of our family as we serve.  I can hardly believe the tender feelings I have for missionaries.  
     If you have followed us on this blog since the beginning you know that it has not always been this way.  Serving has been the catalyst for change.  The day to day work of senior missionaries has changed us forever.  We will be eternally grateful for the opportunities that have come our way and the blessings that have come from serving in those opportunities.  It has strengthened our testimonies and our love and devotion for the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How grateful we are for Him. 
     We love you and ask the Lord to watch over our family and friends.

Elder Seaman


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