Sunday, November 8, 2015

Time is Marching On

Time is Marching On

November 8, 2015

     Time is marching on. My walks around Independence seem to take on a new urgency. It is our only Fall. Each birdnest dropped off by my dear missionary friends seems a little sweeter. Each historical spot I drag my elder to on our P-day seems a little richer. Each birthday from home makes me feel older.  Our Ezra will turn nine this week. How can that be?
     This week I finally received three birdnests from  two of my elder friends. They have been telling me about these nests for two months now when I talk to them on the phone or see them at zone conference.  It has been so sweet to watch these two be so excited about such a small thing that they thought would make an old senior sister happy. They had been talking these nests up so much, I had wondered if they might be goldplated or something. They were not but they are lovely as you can see. They are even more excited about giving the gift of the gospel to anybody and everybody. In some ways, their youth has not made them fearful of "man". They love the Lord and they are here to share it. They will talk it up to anyone they see. You go, Elders! I love to see these kind of missionaries in action. My also can do this! You were born to do it just like Elders Vehar and Terry.
     My elder and I visited President and Bess Truman's home yesterday. It was like stepping back in time to my own Ozment grandparents home on E. Jarvis Ave. in Mesa, Az.  The Truman's really did live a simple life here in Independence. He especially loved to take his daily walks around town. The people knew and loved him. He was his own man. And he so loved his wife. After he passed away in 1972, his wife left his coat and hat on the rack by the back door where it was always ready to be worn. It is still there today. It reminded me of my own dad's black derby hat that he always wore. I have one of those sitting on my coatrack at home in memory of him. President Truman is one of my new heroes but Eb Lewis has always been my biggest hero. Eb and Jerrie, what would you think of your girl getting to serve here in  Independence with her dearest companion?
    So, another week has gone by. This fall season seems extra sweet. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the work we are engaged in seems extra sweet. Family birthdays seem extra meaningful. Time is marching on. Ezra, you have a Happy Birthday. This time next year you will turn ten. I know you know how to make cakes, right? How about a German chocolate cake next November? Can you make those? We will be over.

My Love, love, love to you all,
Grams....aka Mom....Sister Seaman


     At the President's devotional last week, where the newly baptized converts get to bear their testimonies, a tall, thin black man, about 40 years old, stood and told us the story of his conversion.  He said that it had started many years ago.  He had grown up in a good home, with parents who were good god-fearing people who worked for a living and had set a good example.  When he arrived at the teen years, he had started to make lots of bad choices.  Especially when it came to who his friends were.  He started getting in trouble. He got his girl friend pregnant. He was into drugs and other things.  He eventually did something that he got caught doing and spent the next 15 years of his life in prison.  While in prison, he found God.  When he was released from prison, a year or so ago, he married his old girl friend and started being a father to his son, who is now 16.
     His wife and son were members of the church.  He wanted to know more and so the missionaries started to teach him.  He wanted baptism.  His son, now a priest, baptized his father.
     Isn't it wonderful?  It is wonderful to me.  The amazing grace and mercy of our Savior.  To all He extends his invitation, come unto me.  To the humble and the repentant, He extends his cleansing mercy.
    I think I have talked about Elder Ellison before, but I need to again.  His picture is on the blog.  It was his birthday this week.  He is 66.  He is speech impaired and has had a stroke.  So it is hard to understand him.  He is a church service FM missionary and has been serving at the Independence Visitors Center and grounds for the last 7 years.  He works 3 days a week.  He loves it.  He is especially fond of Sister Seaman, who is so kind to him.
    We had a Senior Dinner a couple of weeks ago where the arriving  and departing senior missionaries bear their testimonies.  Elder Ellison likes to ride out to the church with us.  He loves to be part of this dinner experience.  He sat next to me at the dinner.  At the conclusion of the dinner and testimonies, we sang the closing song.  Many of you know how I feel about singing the hymns of the church.  I don't sing well but I love to sing the hymns.  So does Elder Ellison.  He and I sang God be with You till Meet Again at the top of our lungs.  He just loved it.  He didn't know all the words but he knew the melody and I could feel his testimony and his conviction of the gospel.  It melted me to tears. 
     I say keep the faith, sing at the top of your lungs, acknowledge that the Savior can do all he said He would.  It will convert you.

Elder Seaman

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