Sunday, November 29, 2015

More Seconds

More Seconds

November 29, 2015

     This post will be about more seconds. Not "seconds" as in Thanksgiving helpings. Seconds as "ah! we've done this before".....It was a windy. windy day earlier in the month when I was out on a walk. The FM missionaries were hanging lights up in the trees at the Visitors Center, preparing for the November 28 Lighting Ceremony. I had barely made it up the sidewalk when Sister Cox came running towards me with something cupped in her hands. It was a tiny, beautifully formed birdnest she had gotten out of the very same tree that the FM  had gotten down for me this time last year. (Check it out after you read this)
     This same mama bird had nested in the same tree. She chose wisely. It is the first tree that welcomes all visitors to the VC. Oftentimes, her and her babies would have been serenaded by beautiful music coming from speakers in the VC. Basically, only happy people would have passed by her home. This surely solidifies my opinion that she was and is a Mormon mother. Her two nests were built strong and compact with beautifully soft woven insides. This took her some time. I have seen some nests out this way that are slapped together. Not this mama. I have learned from her two years in a row.
     We attended our second Christmas Lighting ceremony at the Visitors Center last night. The young missionary faces have mostly changed but the spirit and the message were the same. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the Good News of the World. So, my six daughters.....keep making wise choices. Keep your homes strong, safe, and happy. We all know it starts in the kitchen at the breakfast table. Like my mama bird here in Independence, feed your babies well.
     Along with my elder and me doing lots of second-time-around activities, this week was also a first for our whole family. We received Kortney and Cody's wedding announcement in the mail! What an exciting happening for all of us! We are so happy for them! Although, I have to report that I have had more than a few elders checking in my office on a regular basis to see "if it is still on".  Some are so optimistic they believe they still have a chance. Isn't that sweet? The optimism of youth. We all should never lose it. I believe some may start holding out for our next granddaughter. Look out, Kenz.
     Let Heaven and Nature sing. It's our second and last times to be here in Independence for the glorious season of Christmas.

My Love, Love to all of my Darlings,
Sister Seaman.....aka... mother to Mauriah, Kirsten, Jessica, Lindsay, Addie, and Caitlin

The Speed Read

     Well, Sister Seaman and I have known each other for 43 years this week.  How can that be.  Time surely has left me behind.  From all you old people out there, can I get an AMEN!  I am still her junior companion.  She likes to tell anybody who will listen that she is the senior companion and gets to tell me what to do.  It is hard to take.  I try to smile more as it confuses her.  We are doing very well under the circumstances.
     Bill Brady passed away a week or so ago.  His wife, Dee, worked for the School District in my office for many of the 27 years I  worked there.  She and Bill are and were comfortable old friends.  I am sorry Dee. Dee and I did not do things the same way and we often told each other that they were doing things wrong.  Of course my way was right, but she was left-handed and left-brained and stubborn.  The funny thing about it was that we came to the same answers.  It is living proof that there are more than one right way to do things.  I miss good old Dee.
     Things have been slower here in this mission lately.  I pretty much had been running around crazy-like for the past 12 months and now I find myself at the office more with not much to do these days.  It is not good to be slow.  The December Transfer is coming up on the 11th.  12 good friends are going home.  5 newbies are coming out.  We will miss our young missionary friends.  Other friends are going home this month too.  Two of the office couples, that we have been working with for the last year, are going home.  It is hard to believe.  And a lot more of the Senior Couples are going home from the Visitors Centers and out in the field.  Lots of change.  I don't handle change all that well anymore.
     I just ought to mention that I am called on to do things in my calling as the Housing Coordinator that were not listed in the job description.  Lately I have had to unstop two toilets in two different Sisters apartments.  I don't mind so much, but it has put a strain on the relationships with these sisters.  I don't get the eye contact anymore and they seem to avoid me.  It's like it's my fault.  They don't even seem that thankful.  Oh well.  Maybe they ought to call a plumber.  Or maybe I could wear a mask on that type of visit.
     Things are just rolling along and life is at its best.  Love you all.

Elder Seaman



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