Sunday, August 30, 2015

Where Am I?

Where Am I?

August 30, 2015

     One of our newer elders came into the office this week with his companion to pick up supplies. He was telling me about his first few weeks in the mission and how he was adjusting.  The first day he got picked up by his new companion and driving out to his area he fell asleep in the car.  His trainer helped him get settled and they went to work. Three days later at a dinner appointment the family asked him how he liked Kansas so far. That woke him up. Kansas? He thought he was on a mission in Missouri.  Little did he know he had crossed over into Kansas on his first day in the field.
    We have a couple, Elder and Sister Phillips, serving here from Pima, Az.  They have been here on a six month mission working in Facilities Management.  It is now time for them to go home.  But before they packed up, they got a mission call. They will be serving at Cove Fort beginning in March 2016 for another six month mission. They are going to head home to get ready to go again. 
     I tell you these two stories to remind myself that it doesn't matter much where we serve as long as we do it willingly.  I got to go on an all day jaunt yesterday with my elder and two willing and able young elders down to the end of the mission and back up to the northern tip. My elder was moving two senior sisters who have been reassigned to different areas. After almost a year in one place, one of the sisters was really hating to leave her branch and friends.  But she loaded up her little convertible and hit the road.  She did comment several times on our various stops that "Elder Seaman sure has a heavy foot and she could barely keep up with him".  I do know by the time we got her to Albany and unloaded, she wondered where in the world she was and what the Lord had in store for her there. I am confident she will figure it out.
     So, to my family, keep on serving.  It doesn't matter what your calling is. Just do it.  Nothing brings me greater joy than knowing our grandkids are growing up in the gospel. We are raising missionaries, aren't we girls?  You can do it.  One of them may be called to serve in Missouri Independence Mission someday.  Let's just hope he or she will not get lost in Kansas.

I so love you all,
Sister Seaman.....aka grams..

Things Change

     Sister Seaman's post today reminded me of a time, many years ago, when I was probably a 6 year-old boy.  We lived in Beaver, Utah, where my Dad was working as the Forest Ranger.  We lived in between both sets of Grandparents.  One set lived in Cedar City and the other in Venice (Richfield.)  I can remember driving with my parents to visit the Grandparents in Venice (my Mom's folks) on so many weekends that I can not count them.  On the way from Venice to Beaver, the road came to a stop sign and you had to go right or left.  When stopped at the stop sign, looking straight ahead, you were looking at Cove Fort.  It was not 50 yards from the stop sign.  The old gates were hanging by one hinge, the dust was often blowing in and around it, the tumbleweeds were piled up high against the south wall, anything that was made out of wood was rotten or gone.  It looked as if it had been abandoned 100's of years ago. 
     Sister Seaman and I had the opportunity to see it again after it had been restored several years ago.  I could not believe what I was seeing.  It was beautiful and so real. I am so thankful to President Hinkley for restoring that old fort.  You ought to go some time.  It is a good reminder of how things change.
     Often times, as was I serving as a Stake President, the members of the Seventy would come to our stake to give us training.  One of the ways they started their trainings was to ask what kept me up at night.  In other words, what was I worried about concerning the stake.  In reality, nothing much kept me awake.  I sleep pretty sound most of the time, but I knew they wanted an answer, so I would try to say what they wanted to hear so the training could go forward.  I said the wrong thing most of the time.  I often think about that process though.  What are my most troubling fears? At this stage of my life, it is spouse, kids and grandkids.  How are they all doing?  Are they doing the things that will make them happy eternally?  It is so easy to get lost in the world we live in.  A poor decision can certainly lead to heartache and disappointment.  But, things can change and do change.  Things can be right and beautiful again.  Just like Cove Fort.  Stay the course and keep your eyes on the Prophet, he will not lead you astray.

Elder Seaman

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  1. That poor elder!! And poor sister trying to keep up with elder seamans "heavy foot". Haha!!
    Dad I agree whole heartedly. Those little decisions can make or break us. I am so grateful for where I am today. And I hope I can keep trying to get my family and myself to where we need to be when all is said and done.