Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Long, but Blessed Week

A Long, but Blessed Week

August 9, 2015

     We had an elder that had to go through Customs at the border to get to the Mexico MTC. This was his first experience away from the home. The border agent took his papers, studied them, and asked the young elder if he had anything to declare. The elder thought a minute and said, "The gospel is true." Needless to say, this was the wrong answer and that young elder is lucky he is still not sitting in a Mexican jail trying to get ahold of his congressman for help..

     That just shows that the Lord's work goes forth boldy, nobly, and independently until it has swept every country and sounded in every ear, in spite of all us missionaries. I also learned very clearly this week that the two Seaman missionaries are here for their own growth and blessings, not anyone else. The Lord will call a new mission secretary and new Housing Coordinator to be here next April and this mission will continue on. The Lord truly takes those who are called to serve Him and despite their weakness', the work gets done. We had new AP's who had not done a transfer and a laid-up Housing Coordinator who normally does all the grunt work for transfers MIA. My junior companion has been down all week with cellulitis. It has been a long week for me and the whole mission. I will leave his story for him to tell. After all, it is his story. But, can I say I am so thankful he is getting back on his feet, literally?  I would also like to report that 26 new missionaries were all well and accounted for by Wednesday night, transfers throughout the mission were done on Thursday, and by Friday night 29 missionaries had departed the mission to various parts of the world; the closest was Elder Brasseaux going home to Columbia, MO and Sister Taylor traveling the greatest distance to Santiago, Chile.

     These mission times are always so bittersweet. Our friends leave us. But we can rest assured we will make new friends as mission life goes on. Our time clock will be ticking in a few months and all we can hope and pray is that we did not squander this precious time to serve the Lord. The Standard of Truth has truly been erected. NO unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing. I saw that this week in the Missouri Independence Mission. MY girls, get those children of yours ready. Teach them to live and love the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Some mission throughout the world will be waiting for them. It will truly be the BEST gift you can give your little families.

I love, love all of you.
Sister Seaman....aka Grandma

My leg hurts...

A couple of years ago, I had a bout of cellulitis in my right calf and ankle.  I was in the hospital for a week getting high-end antibiotics.  Wasn't sure how that event was going to turn out.  But I lived to fight another day. 
    Last Sunday evening, after the President's Fireside, Sister Seaman and I were walking out to the truck and I suddenly felt very ill.  By the next morning I was delirious.  The Mission Doctor and Elder Carlson came and gave me a blessing and some high-end antibiotics.  I have cellulitis in my left ankle and calf.  I have been laid-up all week, mostly in bed with my foot elevated above my heart.  I was not admitted to the hospital but it has been a long, lonely week as Sister Seaman was not able to tend me, as it was transfer week and a big one at that.  I have felt the prayers of missionaries, friends and family in my behalf for which I am very grateful.  The Lord has blessed me again. The redness and the soreness have almost gone and I will return to duty to tomorrow, at least part-time.  I have cheated death again and will live to fight another day.
     I have also been humbled this week in the knowledge that I was not missed all that much.  We all like to think that we are important, even in the mission field, and that our contribution is irreplaceable.  It's not.  The transfer came and went without me and everybody got home and the new missionaries arrived safely. Oh well.  Maybe I should try harder.  Or maybe this is the Lord's work and it will come to pass the way he wants it to regardless of what he has to work with.
     One other thing about the transfer.  I wanted to say good-bye to my missionary friends as they left the mission field.  I did not get to do that.  You become close to the people you serve.  I am in a position to serve the missionaries directly and I have loved them.  They won't remember me as well as I will remember them.  We lost some really good missionaries on this transfer and I am thankful for just knowing them, of their goodness and strength in the gospel and their love of the Savior. Good-bye my friends, until we meet again.
     Remember, my dear family, that sacrifice and obedience go hand-in-hand.  Sometimes your obedience comes at great personal sacrifice.  I know that the Lord is grateful and will bless you for all that you do to build the kingdom.  I know that He loves His missionaries for that reason. Prepare now to serve someday.  It is the greatest.

Elder Seaman




  1. Oh boy I am glad your guys' week is over and I am so glad Dad is feeling better. I hope today went good and he didn't hurt too much. It is weird to think that you are only a few months away from a count down. We will be glad to see you! But I am so proud of you two. Amazed. You guys have been so brave and obedient throughout your lives. I am so thankful for that example. Surely Heavenly Father loves you both so much. So much. How lucky I am to be your daughter.

  2. You are wrong. I know that you were missed. You know they were scrambling hard to make transfers happen and mission life go on smoothly and all the while praying that you get better fast so you can get back to work running a smooth ship. I'm so so glad you are on the mend dad!! Love you and mom!

  3. We agree with Addie - you were missed, just as you are missed here ar home. Both of you make a great positive impact wherever you are. Heavenly Father called you to Independence Missouri for that very reason, so you could help build up Zoon in preparation for the return of His Beloved Son. Take care and stay well. Love, the Lewises