Sunday, July 19, 2015

Will Good Things Really Come

Will Good Things Really Come?

July 19, 2015

     Humidity has settled here in the Midwest. There was a murder down the street this week. The world continues to go to Hell in a handbasket. But all is well in the Missouri Independence Mission office. The work goes forward. The missionaries continue to find people to baptize and my elder continues to move mission goods all over the state. Last Thursday morning I went with him again to an estate sale across the city. I love to wander while he scopes out the place for desks and dressers. Those are always the top items he is looking for to add to the Batcave. He has made a friend in Bobbi, the older woman who runs this business. When she calls on Wednesday night, he goes. She looks out for him knowing what the elders need. She is not a member but gives my elder half price on all her items. I heard one of the ladies on her crew ask another worker where Bobbi had gone on Thursday morning when I was wandering around. The worker replied, "Oh, she is in the basement with the Church Man." ......My Elder, The Church Man.
   Later that day, a set of sisters ask me where Superman was because they needed some items for their apartment. I knew who they meant and he was clear down in Chanute, MO cleaning out an apartment that the mission had closed. I told them to leave a post-it note on his desk with what they needed and he would get to it. My Elder, Superman.
    Yesterday, we received a Thank You from two sisters who now call him Captain Seaman because he "rescued" them from their flood a while back in Sedalia, MO. He literally didn't do it but he sure got them set up in new digs right away. (see July 5 Post) My Elder, Captain Seaman.
     What does this all have to do with the state of the world? As we serve here in this mission we know we have no control on politics. No control on our daughters' and other loved ones' situations. BUT we do know who to call on for needed blessings. The Lord. We pray daily for our little families and loved ones in their specific needs. We pray for the Baums. We pray for the Fuentes'. We pray for Ted and his family. We pray for Gaye. We know sometimes in our earthly struggles we wonder if good things will come our way. I guess today I rely on Elder Holland's old Mormon Message "Good Things To Come" for an answer to all our questions.

     "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is Help and Happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon. Some come late.Some blessings don't come until Heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God and Believe in good things to come."  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

So, to our families, I say. Don't you give up. Don't you quit. I will continue to get in that Toyota every morning with The Church Man, Superman, or Captain.....aka, my dearly, beloved elder...and do my piddly part to move the work forward. The world may be in commotion but the Lord knows and loves His People who love Him.  Trust in Him and believe in good things to come.

All my love to my darlings,
Sister Seaman, Grandma, and The Captains' Right Hand Mate

The Senior Companion

     When we left Show Low, almost nine months ago now, President Williams set us apart as missionaries.  As he was walking out the front door he said, "and Sister Seaman you can be the senior companion."  That bit of instruction has made for an interesting mission so far.  I bet little did President know that he turned my companion loose.  Wait a minute, maybe he did know.  Anyway, she likes to be the boss when it serves her.   Normally I don't mind.  I do better with somebody telling me what to do.
     She talked about me in her blog today and was very kind.  But you need to know what the real story is.  The missionaries just love her.  They thank me for what I do, but they want to be around her.  When they come into the mission office, they go straight to her office for a chat, a fluff up, a feel-good-session and she delivers.  She has a way of making them feel good about who they are and what they are doing.  They all laugh with her.  She is "cool" and I don't know how she does it.  It must have come from all those years of teaching small children.  One thing I do know, she loves them and they can feel it. 
     The Senior Companion has always loved those she has served.  All of our married life, she has had the ability to love people (especially small people and missionaries.)  In her church callings, in her work, and especially in our family, she has always demonstrated love.  She is very Christ-like in this regard.  I pray that our children have inherited this trait of hers.  I see a joy in her that comes from loving people.  She genuinely wants the best for everyone.
     I hope that when you read this blog, you don't think we are building each other up and bragging on each other.  The Senior Companion and I do not like that.  We are just talking about each other for a minute and telling things on each other that you might not get to see or hear otherwise.  We are busy and engaged in the work and we love what we do.
     Well, we are off to a "President's Fireside" here in a minute.  I  will drive a van full of senior missionaries to the Liberty Jail to hear the newest converts bear their testimonies.  They are interesting meetings to say the least.  The Senior Companion and I will continue to work and pray the Lord will bless our family.  It is the best.

Elder Seaman



  1. I know all of these things are true of both of you and I hope I got a smidge of one or two of these traits. Keep saying these things of each other and keep up the good work. I love you both.

  2. I read Jeffrey R. Holland's talk today. So good and what I needed to hear. Thank you for those words!!! They are a blessing to me today, you are doing more for me than just saying prayers.
    And it is good to hear you talk kindly of each other. It is the best gift you could give us, to have parents that love each other. And I too hope that I get some of your goodness, mom- your ability to love others and dad- your ability to work and serve all around you. Love you both!

  3. I just love that quote!! I hold onto it dearly and truly believe it! And I can only pray that I get a touch of both of those traits!