Sunday, July 12, 2015

They came. They left.

They came. They left.

July 12, 2015

     The Flake's came on Tuesday night. They left today after sacrament meeting. We came home to vacuum marks on the floor and the dryer running. It made me cry. As we expected, it was such a sweet visit. We got to show off all the sights in the mission as if we had something to do with their creation. Ha. Dan is such a patient man with a carload of girls. It brought back so many memories to me. Each one of those Flake daughters has their own unique personality and their dad knows how to make each one of them laugh. I think that is a pretty fun van to drive in all the way from Show Low, Az.
     Our little Livi and Chloe reminded us of two little kittens. So loveable and full of energy. So willing to hug and be hugged. Our Mattie is still so quiet. But when she speaks, she means it. Where did she get so tall? Our Kenz hasn't grown. But that is ok. She is still full of dreams and goals. And yes, she has achieved her DQ apron just like her mother, aunts, and older Cousin Kortney. She tells us she makes a mean swirl on the cones. It has been such a blessing to see our two oldest girls and their families while we have been here. Our wish is that our grandkids see that this mission serving business is a worthwhile goal for us and that we love to serve the Lord.
     We are back in the saddle in the office tomorrow and that is as it should be. When we drove down Parley Street in Nauvoo on Saturday and read the journal entries of the Saints who left Nauvoo for the West, one quote really touched me.

     "I swept the floor for the last time; put the broom behind the door.....and faced West."
                                                                                                          Bathsheba Smith

We have served here almost 9 months now. Our time will end. We will do the same. We will sweep the floor one last time; put the broom in the laundry room and head west in that Toyota truck. Will it compare at all to the Saints in Nauvoo? I dare say No, not one bit. But, maybe someday our grandkids will say that we left home for awhile to work in a mission office. Maybe they will say that their old grandma did not, did not, know her way around a computer keyboard but the Lord blessed her.  Maybe they will remember the prayers offered in their homes for their grandparents and they will realize that the Lord did truly bless them. That is all we ask for.
     Safe travels to our Flake family. See you again, real soon.

All my love,
Sister Seaman

The Big Screw Up!

BlogSpot screwed up and lost my story.  It was about Joseph and Hyrum and Emma and where they are really buried.  I am sick that this story, of all my postings, was lost.  Sister Seaman and I both saw it, read it, and I saved it and published it.  So much for trusting this site.
     I may never write again.

Bummed Out,

Elder Seaman


  1. Didn't we have fun?? As I am home now I look back and cannot believe I was sitting in your sweet ward in Missouri yesterday, so close yet so far away. You two were the best tour guides! Mom, when we showed up on Tuesday, there were vacuum marks. We can at the least leave marks when we leave your sweet home. So glad to see you two!! Love you!

  2. That Kirst is a good time and a good worker. I agree about Ol' Danny boy. Wish I could ride their van once in a while just to hear his jokes. 9 MONTHS!!! Wow. Half way! Can you believe it?! You will be home before we know it (maybe even before we get to come visit). Love you guys!

  3. Elder and Sister Seaman! Can we come see you next weekend? We will be in Kansas not very far from you. Will you be around? 😊

  4. So happy that you got to see those sweet flakes! You are making more of an impact than you know with all the grandkids and all of us girls. We see the huge sacrifice you both are making!! Love you guys! Dad keep writing!