Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obedience brings forth the Blessings

Obedience brings forth the blessings

July 27, 2015

     This week the Lord has been kind to us. We have had some more visitors! That seems to boost our spirits and keep us going. We love to be here but our hearts can be in two places, the mission field and our home in Show Low. There was lots of activity back in Arizona this week involving our family and we always pray that they can feel mission blessings while we are away. Our beautiful Lindsay turned 34. How can that be possible? She has turned into a beautiful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I am going to tell you a story about another Lindsey (her spelling) today. Our Lindsay happens to know this girl.
    Sister Arnold, our mission nurse, and her friend dropped by a Taco Bell for lunch this week here in Independence. A couple was in there who happened to see their nametags. As they talked, it turned out that this couple have a daughter serving here in the Independence Visitor Center and they had flowers and gifts for her. They were just discussing to each other how to get the gifts there because they knew they were not allowed to see their daughter. And, like magic, in this random Taco Bell on 23rd Street in Independence, the mission nurse appears. Sister Arnold dropped the gifts by at the VC  and came back to the office with this neat little adventure to share with the rest of us. By the way, this sister missionary was not on shift at the VC so Sister Arnold did not know if she received her gifts or not.
    The rest of the story.....meanwhile this young sister and her companion had been in a session at the temple that morning her parents had been in Independence. On the way back to the visitor's center they stopped for lunch. Guess where they stopped? When they got out of their car, our young sister noticed a car that looked familiar. She walked around the car to see a UT license plate. What in the world was her sister's car from UT doing in this Taco Bell parking lot in Independence, MO? The companions walked in. She spotted them first and went up to ask if they wanted to order some Taco Bell. Now, is that a story or what? It turns out they were helping her sister move to Kansas by driving her car out here from UT. This young missionary knew it was going to happen sometime but had warned them they could not make contact with her. (Mission Handbook, P 33) Two obedient parents and a young obedient missionary.....I love this story.
    As for any of you even remotely thinking about visiting Independence, P 33 in the Handbook applies to young missionaries, not seniors. As long as we carry on in our assigned duties, we are allowed to have a meal with any or all people we know and love. We are becoming friends with Tiffany, our favorite waitress in Corner Café. She will set us up in a good spot and the food there is almost as good as Trapper's in Taylor. Almost.

We love to serve and we love you,
Sister Seaman....aka Grandma

The Missing Manuscript...

     It is not what you think.  I am referring to the blog I wrote 2 weeks ago that disappeared.  It has never appeared anywhere else so I will write an abbreviated version of it now.
     Several weeks ago Sister Seaman and I visited Nauvoo with the Flake Family (love those guys.)  As we were visiting the sites we came to the Smith General Store and the Smith Family cemetery located on the south side of town, near the Mississippi River.  We viewed the graves of Joseph, Hyrum and Emma, who are buried together under a large granite slab and 3.5 feet of concrete.  We next went into the General Store which is run by the Community of Christ Church (formerly the RLDS) and looked around.  I picked up a booklet that talked about the made-for-movie story of the burial of the Prophet and his brother and Emma.  To make a long story short, the bodies were hid and buried and moved and buried and lost to all.  The location of the graves died with Emma and even she was not buried under her original granite covering.
     In 1928, with the Mississippi River rising due to the dam being built, the RLDS church wanted to find the bodies  and move them to higher ground just in case the river ended up covering the graves.  After much trenching and digging about in the cemetery, the bodies were all located and moved to where there are today.  The RLDS Church wanted Emma buried with Joseph (even though she was married to another man for many years) and Joseph and Hyrum were inseparable even in death. 
     In 1993, a scientific examination was done which compared the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum to the measurements and photographs of the of the remains which were done in 1928.  The conclusion was that the bodies were indeed Joseph, Hyrum and Emma but the person buried next to Emma was Hyrum and not Joseph.
    What a  story.  Just to be clear, I want it known that Sister Seaman and I have purchased burial plots in the Show Low Cemetery and we want to be buried there next to each other.  Someone please see that that happens when the time comes.  Please don't get us mixed up with someone else. 
     The bottom line is that the Lord will have to work a lot of things out.  And He will.  It will be great. 
     Stay on the path.  Stay in the boat and hold on tight.  Stay on the train and don't get off.  Be true.

Elder Seaman



  1. What a cool story for that sweet little sister missionary! Amazing how the Lord works. It definitely made me question if I am being obedient enough to receive needed blessings.
    And Dad I love that story about Joseph, Hyrum and Emma! I remembered that their bodies had been lost. I am so glad they found them! So crazy! Thanks for telling us that history.
    Happy for you about all your visitors! So good to talk to you guys the other day. Does my heart good to hear your voices and know you got my back. Love love you guys!!

  2. What great stories! Both of them! I also want to be buried by eric and not his brother! What a sweet little blessing for that sweet missionary!