Sunday, July 26, 2015

Obedience brings forth the Blessings

Obedience brings forth the blessings

July 27, 2015

     This week the Lord has been kind to us. We have had some more visitors! That seems to boost our spirits and keep us going. We love to be here but our hearts can be in two places, the mission field and our home in Show Low. There was lots of activity back in Arizona this week involving our family and we always pray that they can feel mission blessings while we are away. Our beautiful Lindsay turned 34. How can that be possible? She has turned into a beautiful wife, mother, daughter, sister and friend. I am going to tell you a story about another Lindsey (her spelling) today. Our Lindsay happens to know this girl.
    Sister Arnold, our mission nurse, and her friend dropped by a Taco Bell for lunch this week here in Independence. A couple was in there who happened to see their nametags. As they talked, it turned out that this couple have a daughter serving here in the Independence Visitor Center and they had flowers and gifts for her. They were just discussing to each other how to get the gifts there because they knew they were not allowed to see their daughter. And, like magic, in this random Taco Bell on 23rd Street in Independence, the mission nurse appears. Sister Arnold dropped the gifts by at the VC  and came back to the office with this neat little adventure to share with the rest of us. By the way, this sister missionary was not on shift at the VC so Sister Arnold did not know if she received her gifts or not.
    The rest of the story.....meanwhile this young sister and her companion had been in a session at the temple that morning her parents had been in Independence. On the way back to the visitor's center they stopped for lunch. Guess where they stopped? When they got out of their car, our young sister noticed a car that looked familiar. She walked around the car to see a UT license plate. What in the world was her sister's car from UT doing in this Taco Bell parking lot in Independence, MO? The companions walked in. She spotted them first and went up to ask if they wanted to order some Taco Bell. Now, is that a story or what? It turns out they were helping her sister move to Kansas by driving her car out here from UT. This young missionary knew it was going to happen sometime but had warned them they could not make contact with her. (Mission Handbook, P 33) Two obedient parents and a young obedient missionary.....I love this story.
    As for any of you even remotely thinking about visiting Independence, P 33 in the Handbook applies to young missionaries, not seniors. As long as we carry on in our assigned duties, we are allowed to have a meal with any or all people we know and love. We are becoming friends with Tiffany, our favorite waitress in Corner CafĂ©. She will set us up in a good spot and the food there is almost as good as Trapper's in Taylor. Almost.

We love to serve and we love you,
Sister Seaman....aka Grandma

The Missing Manuscript...

     It is not what you think.  I am referring to the blog I wrote 2 weeks ago that disappeared.  It has never appeared anywhere else so I will write an abbreviated version of it now.
     Several weeks ago Sister Seaman and I visited Nauvoo with the Flake Family (love those guys.)  As we were visiting the sites we came to the Smith General Store and the Smith Family cemetery located on the south side of town, near the Mississippi River.  We viewed the graves of Joseph, Hyrum and Emma, who are buried together under a large granite slab and 3.5 feet of concrete.  We next went into the General Store which is run by the Community of Christ Church (formerly the RLDS) and looked around.  I picked up a booklet that talked about the made-for-movie story of the burial of the Prophet and his brother and Emma.  To make a long story short, the bodies were hid and buried and moved and buried and lost to all.  The location of the graves died with Emma and even she was not buried under her original granite covering.
     In 1928, with the Mississippi River rising due to the dam being built, the RLDS church wanted to find the bodies  and move them to higher ground just in case the river ended up covering the graves.  After much trenching and digging about in the cemetery, the bodies were all located and moved to where there are today.  The RLDS Church wanted Emma buried with Joseph (even though she was married to another man for many years) and Joseph and Hyrum were inseparable even in death. 
     In 1993, a scientific examination was done which compared the death masks of Joseph and Hyrum to the measurements and photographs of the of the remains which were done in 1928.  The conclusion was that the bodies were indeed Joseph, Hyrum and Emma but the person buried next to Emma was Hyrum and not Joseph.
    What a  story.  Just to be clear, I want it known that Sister Seaman and I have purchased burial plots in the Show Low Cemetery and we want to be buried there next to each other.  Someone please see that that happens when the time comes.  Please don't get us mixed up with someone else. 
     The bottom line is that the Lord will have to work a lot of things out.  And He will.  It will be great. 
     Stay on the path.  Stay in the boat and hold on tight.  Stay on the train and don't get off.  Be true.

Elder Seaman


All the way from Show Low

The Brown family dropped by on their way to Nauvoo. Such a delight to see them. Their children are some of our favorites. Brooklyn is a fifth grade teacher. Wow. BJ is going to England to serve and Briley is a sophomore. Sister Judd, Shawna ' mom from Pima, was with them also.

More cool Visitors!

Kevin and Jennifer and their three children dropped by from Utah. It was a delight to spend some time with them.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Will Good Things Really Come

Will Good Things Really Come?

July 19, 2015

     Humidity has settled here in the Midwest. There was a murder down the street this week. The world continues to go to Hell in a handbasket. But all is well in the Missouri Independence Mission office. The work goes forward. The missionaries continue to find people to baptize and my elder continues to move mission goods all over the state. Last Thursday morning I went with him again to an estate sale across the city. I love to wander while he scopes out the place for desks and dressers. Those are always the top items he is looking for to add to the Batcave. He has made a friend in Bobbi, the older woman who runs this business. When she calls on Wednesday night, he goes. She looks out for him knowing what the elders need. She is not a member but gives my elder half price on all her items. I heard one of the ladies on her crew ask another worker where Bobbi had gone on Thursday morning when I was wandering around. The worker replied, "Oh, she is in the basement with the Church Man." ......My Elder, The Church Man.
   Later that day, a set of sisters ask me where Superman was because they needed some items for their apartment. I knew who they meant and he was clear down in Chanute, MO cleaning out an apartment that the mission had closed. I told them to leave a post-it note on his desk with what they needed and he would get to it. My Elder, Superman.
    Yesterday, we received a Thank You from two sisters who now call him Captain Seaman because he "rescued" them from their flood a while back in Sedalia, MO. He literally didn't do it but he sure got them set up in new digs right away. (see July 5 Post) My Elder, Captain Seaman.
     What does this all have to do with the state of the world? As we serve here in this mission we know we have no control on politics. No control on our daughters' and other loved ones' situations. BUT we do know who to call on for needed blessings. The Lord. We pray daily for our little families and loved ones in their specific needs. We pray for the Baums. We pray for the Fuentes'. We pray for Ted and his family. We pray for Gaye. We know sometimes in our earthly struggles we wonder if good things will come our way. I guess today I rely on Elder Holland's old Mormon Message "Good Things To Come" for an answer to all our questions.

     "Don't you quit. You keep walking. You keep trying. There is Help and Happiness ahead. Some blessings come soon. Some come late.Some blessings don't come until Heaven. But for those who embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ, they come. It will be alright in the end. Trust God and Believe in good things to come."  Elder Jeffrey R. Holland

So, to our families, I say. Don't you give up. Don't you quit. I will continue to get in that Toyota every morning with The Church Man, Superman, or Captain.....aka, my dearly, beloved elder...and do my piddly part to move the work forward. The world may be in commotion but the Lord knows and loves His People who love Him.  Trust in Him and believe in good things to come.

All my love to my darlings,
Sister Seaman, Grandma, and The Captains' Right Hand Mate

The Senior Companion

     When we left Show Low, almost nine months ago now, President Williams set us apart as missionaries.  As he was walking out the front door he said, "and Sister Seaman you can be the senior companion."  That bit of instruction has made for an interesting mission so far.  I bet little did President know that he turned my companion loose.  Wait a minute, maybe he did know.  Anyway, she likes to be the boss when it serves her.   Normally I don't mind.  I do better with somebody telling me what to do.
     She talked about me in her blog today and was very kind.  But you need to know what the real story is.  The missionaries just love her.  They thank me for what I do, but they want to be around her.  When they come into the mission office, they go straight to her office for a chat, a fluff up, a feel-good-session and she delivers.  She has a way of making them feel good about who they are and what they are doing.  They all laugh with her.  She is "cool" and I don't know how she does it.  It must have come from all those years of teaching small children.  One thing I do know, she loves them and they can feel it. 
     The Senior Companion has always loved those she has served.  All of our married life, she has had the ability to love people (especially small people and missionaries.)  In her church callings, in her work, and especially in our family, she has always demonstrated love.  She is very Christ-like in this regard.  I pray that our children have inherited this trait of hers.  I see a joy in her that comes from loving people.  She genuinely wants the best for everyone.
     I hope that when you read this blog, you don't think we are building each other up and bragging on each other.  The Senior Companion and I do not like that.  We are just talking about each other for a minute and telling things on each other that you might not get to see or hear otherwise.  We are busy and engaged in the work and we love what we do.
     Well, we are off to a "President's Fireside" here in a minute.  I  will drive a van full of senior missionaries to the Liberty Jail to hear the newest converts bear their testimonies.  They are interesting meetings to say the least.  The Senior Companion and I will continue to work and pray the Lord will bless our family.  It is the best.

Elder Seaman


Sunday, July 12, 2015

They came. They left.

They came. They left.

July 12, 2015

     The Flake's came on Tuesday night. They left today after sacrament meeting. We came home to vacuum marks on the floor and the dryer running. It made me cry. As we expected, it was such a sweet visit. We got to show off all the sights in the mission as if we had something to do with their creation. Ha. Dan is such a patient man with a carload of girls. It brought back so many memories to me. Each one of those Flake daughters has their own unique personality and their dad knows how to make each one of them laugh. I think that is a pretty fun van to drive in all the way from Show Low, Az.
     Our little Livi and Chloe reminded us of two little kittens. So loveable and full of energy. So willing to hug and be hugged. Our Mattie is still so quiet. But when she speaks, she means it. Where did she get so tall? Our Kenz hasn't grown. But that is ok. She is still full of dreams and goals. And yes, she has achieved her DQ apron just like her mother, aunts, and older Cousin Kortney. She tells us she makes a mean swirl on the cones. It has been such a blessing to see our two oldest girls and their families while we have been here. Our wish is that our grandkids see that this mission serving business is a worthwhile goal for us and that we love to serve the Lord.
     We are back in the saddle in the office tomorrow and that is as it should be. When we drove down Parley Street in Nauvoo on Saturday and read the journal entries of the Saints who left Nauvoo for the West, one quote really touched me.

     "I swept the floor for the last time; put the broom behind the door.....and faced West."
                                                                                                          Bathsheba Smith

We have served here almost 9 months now. Our time will end. We will do the same. We will sweep the floor one last time; put the broom in the laundry room and head west in that Toyota truck. Will it compare at all to the Saints in Nauvoo? I dare say No, not one bit. But, maybe someday our grandkids will say that we left home for awhile to work in a mission office. Maybe they will say that their old grandma did not, did not, know her way around a computer keyboard but the Lord blessed her.  Maybe they will remember the prayers offered in their homes for their grandparents and they will realize that the Lord did truly bless them. That is all we ask for.
     Safe travels to our Flake family. See you again, real soon.

All my love,
Sister Seaman

The Big Screw Up!

BlogSpot screwed up and lost my story.  It was about Joseph and Hyrum and Emma and where they are really buried.  I am sick that this story, of all my postings, was lost.  Sister Seaman and I both saw it, read it, and I saved it and published it.  So much for trusting this site.
     I may never write again.

Bummed Out,

Elder Seaman

Kirsten always thinks she is funny.

Nauvoo with Two stars

Elder and Sister Peace are busy, busy serving up that way. So sweet to see them.

Carthage Jail

Our dearest, sweetest Flakes took us there on Saturday.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

To My Grandkids

To My Grandkids

Let me tell you a story

July 5, 2015

     My Grandkids, let me tell you a story. In the months we have been here I have made some sweet friends in the mission. I have become special friends to one missionary, Elder Ellison. He is a part-time missionary working in the FM Department. Remember, we were supposed to be those kind of missionaries....the weed whackers, flower dead-headers, etc. Elder Ellison has been on his part-time mission now for nine years. Nine years, mind you. One of his responsibilities is to tend to the mission office landscaping. As a result, he has taken to coming into my office and resting a bit on his breaks. Elder Ellison is hard to understand. Very hard. He has a terrible speech impediment. Our conversations may seem odd to a casual onlooker. I have learned to pick up some of his words and he likes me to laugh at him. Which is easy for me to do. We have a grand time. He likes me to come out outside and see his handiwork and I like to see it. We stroll around the office  landscaping and I ask him questions about plants and trees.  He tells me all he knows. He is so proud of his work. The deal is that I don't know much more about Missouri's plants and trees than I did before we came but I do know I have made a good friend.  Check him out on the blog, ok? I told him I was going to take a picture for my family in AZ to see and he was so proud. He had lost his nametag right before this picture was taken so Sister Carlson had ordered him a pin on type. Now he will not lose that thing. He was so glad to have just received his new one before this picture was taken.
     I tell you, my darlings, this story because I want to remind you again in your lives you will meet many people. Some will believe as you do. Some won't. Some will be kind to you. Some won't. The bottom line is please do your best to be kind to everyone. A kind word and a smile will get you far.
When I look back on our time in the Missouri Independence Mission office, I will fondly remember my time spent with Elder Ellison. I believe he will do the same with me. When people look back on their experiences with each of you, please oh please, have them say, "Oh, I remember her/him. She/he was kind to me."

    Prov. 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken heart drieth the bones.

My Love to all of you
Sister Seaman....aka...Grandma 


     Just a bit more on Elder Ellison.  I can just barely make out his words. It frustrates him that I don't understand sometimes.  He was probably born with a speech impediment, but he has also had a stroke.  He is about 62 years old, never been married, kinda smells like BO most of the time. He is skinny and doesn't take very good care of himself.  Some teeth are missing.  He lives at least 30 minutes from the mission office where he comes three times a week to serve.  His car is broken down right now, which he does not have the money to fix.  I am not sure how he is getting work, maybe the bus.  That would mean getting up way early and getting home way late.  He lives on the other side of Kansas City.  He wanted desperately to come to the Senior Dinner the other night but couldn't find a way there.  He told me President Vest really wanted him there. He is making a sacrifice that I can not comprehend.  I wish I had his devotion and his drive and his landscaping abilities.  Sister Seaman is so kind to him and he just loves her.  It makes me cry.  Sacrifice.
     Yesterday Sister Seaman and I drove out to Sedalia, MO., an hour and 1/2 each way, where we took two new mattresses and box springs to Sister Pita and Smith (Sister Smith is from Holbrook.) The reason we took the new beds was due to the basement in the member's home, in which they were living, flooded with three feet of water.  On Wednesday night, Sedalia got 6 inches of rain in about an hour's time.  The water built up around the house, filled the window wells, and then broke the windows out into the basement filling the basement with water.  Total loss in the basement.  The missionaries were there and saw it happen, taking their personal stuff out in time.  When we talked to them on Saturday, they were just like they always are, very happy and excited about the missionary work they have been doing.  We unloaded the beds at another member's home where they will stay until we find them a new place to stay.  What gets me about the whole deal is that missionary work was still the most important thing on their minds.  Sacrifice.
     Remember Far West.  We  were directed to a new sign, just down the road from the temple site, that had been placed out there (see picture.)  The Eminence.  It is self-explanatory. The reason I draw it to your attention is sacrifice. 
     The dedication of the temple site is another story of sacrifice.  Joseph called the apostles back to Far West from wherever they were in the world and that they were to be there by a certain date.  The Mob had sworn that the Prophet would never dedicate this temple site.  In the night, secretly, the Prophet and the apostles met and dedicated the site and then Joseph told them that the Lord wanted them to serve missions starting from that night.  Many of them in foreign lands.  They left everything and went.  Some leaving their families in the dire straits of poverty and mob violence.  Sacrifice.
     I would want my family to know that it may be required of them some day.  Be ready.  Decide today that you will do what the Lord asks, no matter the cost.  It will be worth the cost.

Elder Seaman...aka... Papa


Our friend Elder Ellison

The Eminence.

The place where Joseph Smith's 4 month stay in Liberty Jail began. This spot is about a half mile from the Far West Temple site.