Sunday, June 28, 2015

Winds and Visitors Blew Through

Winds and Visitors Blew through the Area

June 28, 2015

     Happy Birthday, Max! You are eight today. Amazing. You will go home to Arizona and be baptized. We are so proud of you! Can we count you as our first convert while we are on our mission? Office work has not yielded a lot of investigators, let alone converts. But that is ok. We are out here serving this mission in hopes that it will help you, Zane, and all your cousins want to have the gospel in your lives forever and ever.
     We have had visitors blow into town and on that same night the rain and winds blew through around 900 MPH. It was amazing. Just amazing and my elder slept right through it. Trees and huge limbs were down everywhere all over the mission. Pretty exciting but not as near as exciting as having visitors from Home. (see pictures above) Ted and Maddy flew back to Utah earlier today and the Walkers are still with us. We have come to realize that we have been here long enough that we have developed a love for the church history sites. It is hard to cram all of it into our visitors in such a short time so we are all pooped. But, oh, what a grand time it has been to have all these fun people! I can just look at Kortney and laugh. We have paraded our visitors all over the mission to meet our favorite missionaries, and, of course, true to form, both sides performed so well. Our missionaries were impressed with our guests and our guests were impressed with our missionaries. We were so thankful that Ethan got to see Elder Seaman's job up close and personal as he and his dad went to help load furniture and then haul the New Arriving elders and their luggage out to President Vest's home. The day before that, Walkers arrived at the mission office just as the Departing missionaries were heading out to go home. Ethan experienced both ends of a mission. We hope it made an impact.
Remember Folks, that is why we are here. To hopefully bless our families' lives back Home.
     It has been a busy, eventful, and fun week.  But tomorrow morning, President Vest will be in the office and we will have our regular weekly meeting. Walkers will fly Home to Arizona, Lewis' will wake up in Utah and the phone will ring on my desk. I will begin with "Good morning, this is Sister Seaman".

Signing off for my junior companion because he is pooped.
He would want me to say that he loves his mission, his companion, and his family,
So do I. Oh, so very much.
Sister Seaman

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  1. I expect Dad to make up for his lack of post, next week with TWO posts!! ; ) Well it sounds like all around you had a good weekend with all your guests. I am looking forward to being hauled and whirl winded around by you folks. Keep up the good work. LOVE love you!