Sunday, June 14, 2015


Visits from loved ones

June 14, 2015

     It has been a fun week! We have had visits from loved ones! Julie Genet and her mom, Buena Hepler, are on a whirlwind tour of church history sites in the Midwest and they made a pitstop at the Independence Visitor Center. My elder and I raced up there from the office to see them. When she came walking out of the VC, I was Home again. What is it about familiarity and comforts of Home? We talked hard and fast for almost an hour while the tour meandered over to Temple Lot. I am at peace. Show Low is still standing. The gospel is still true there. I can carry on here on this wonderful experience with my elder.
     This weekend, Mike's brother, Rich is here along with his wife, Carla. We are beginning to feel like tour guides. We have developed a love for this area and the meaning of what will take place here. How can we not haul all our loved ones to Adam-Ondi-Ahman and Liberty Jail with stops coming and going along the way? We have been so proud to introduce all our visitors to any missionary within sight and sound. After all, they are all our favorites and we are in awe of the
 commitment and sacrifice they have all made to come preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. When Sister Gunter gave a beautiful presentation at Liberty Jail to us, I was as proud as if she were my own child. I will never quit looking at these young missionaries and be reminded that I have 21 grandchildren at home who will be given the opportunity to do this in their young lives. I hope and pray some old Senior Missionary will love and care for them as much as I do for all of these Missouri Independence missionaries.
     So, like the classic Field of Dreams movie where he built it and they came, I say to all our friends and loved is already built. Come see it. We will sneak out of the office for a bit, share a tear or two with you, and then haul you as hard and fast as we can to some significant location. I believe Darlene and Jess Hitchcock are next in the lineup this week. Our Thursday evening is booked already, the rest of you. Call us. We will work you in.

My love to all of you,
Sister Seaman

The Simple Life

     Of late, I have thought about the life Sister Seaman and I are living.  It is the simplest version of any form of life we have ever lived.  We live in a small apartment, our furniture is the mission variety, which means that nothing matches, it is old (usually bought at an estate sale or Salvation Army),  and has scratches and dings, so no worries there. We don't have any obligations other than show up at the Mission Office at 8:30 or there abouts to do our duty (volunteer work) for the day and then go home. No kids or grandkids around.  We eat what we want, when we want.  The only bills we pay are the contribution to the church for the mission and a few utility and insurance bills at home.  I doubt that it could be much simpler.
     The reason I even bring it up is that I like it.  Very little stress.  No one cares too much if you're late.  Do what you want after hours.   We go to the Temple twice a month.  No huge church  commitments every night or weekends.  The Missionaries really seem to like us (especially Sister Seaman.)  It is kind of growing on us.  Another mission in the future now looks good.  We like the boss (the Lord) and He is very kind to us.  He blesses us and our family in our absence and will for eternity.  The only real drawback is seeing the kids and grandkids more often and that is a big one, but it is worth it. 
     We are changing slowly.  We are different people than when we left Show Low almost 8 months ago.  We are getting a good taste of what is really important and it is not "things."  We already knew that but not to the degree that we know it now. 
     Maybe at the end of 18 months things will look different than they do today.  Maybe we will go back to Show Low and pick-up where we left off.  I doubt it.  Things are good.

Elder Seaman





  1. Look at that sweet sweet set up!!! It is just like you guys to make the world around you beautiful!! I ache for flowers and greenery like that, especially right now as the temperature reaches 110.
    I can appreciate your simple life. Ours feels a bit like that. Without family around we have found things to do with just us. i.e. Weird that we have done large puzzles as a family and have enjoyed it!!!
    I so so wish we were coming to visit you and let you haul us around. Oh man. But I am so happy for you that you will get to do that quite a bit this summer and shake things up a bit for yourselves. But come on Dad...can't you have a simple life without being so far from us?! Can you wait a bit to serve another mission? Wow it seems a bit early to already be proclaiming that. I love you no matter. I know your heart is good and in the right place. Just wish you missed us a bit more. ; )

  2. I can't wait to come get a tour from you guys!! And i also can't express to you how comforting it is to know that when my boys go out on missions there will be a senior couple who will love them and help them. You guys are doing such great things. Especially for those young sweet missionaries. They are darn lucky to have you. Maybe you should do a service mission somewhere over in the western side of the states? 😜 love you guys!