Sunday, May 31, 2015

Moving Up in the Mission


Moving Up in the Mission

May 31, 2015

     My elder and I relived a memory of 7 months ago when we moved into a little apartment and set up house like newlyweds. We have moved again. We have given up this sweet little set-up and the living right across the hall from the young sisters for another bathroom. This means any of my dear blog readers are now officially welcome to come visit Independence because we can now offer you a bathroom. Come see the sights!
     If you check out the picture below you will see my elder in the batcave. This week I had the chance to sneak over there from the office and pick out a "new" couch and dining table. We needed to replace both of these for space in our new apartment. Every time I go in that I place I am a kid again at Cash and Carry Furniture in Show Low, AZ. Many of my childhood days were spent roaming the cool, dark basement of my dad's store. The Mission batcave is full of lots of goods but I have to say most of it is vintage-missionary style. I felt a little guilty getting my pick of couches as all missionaries just get what they get in their little apartments. Again, this is a testament to me that the gospel of Jesus Christ is worth leaving the comforts of the world and preaching the good news of it. Most of these missionaries do not enjoy much in the way of nice furnishings while they are out in Missouri. I believe that is now called being a little weird while living in the telestial world (members will continue to be weirder and weirder as compared to the world.)
     We had an All Mission Conference on Thursday to train missionaries on using their new IPads and really, all of social media for the rest of their lives. The major speaker sent from Salt Lake was Elder Don Clark of the Seventy. He was outstanding. One bit of advise was to love being weird in the Telestial World. That is what it is totally coming to. Our leaders know young missionaries need NO training on how to use a IPad. They need fortification for the rest of their lives on how to not be consumed with gadgets and the things you get from the internet.
     At this conference, my mind was on our Ethan who was being promoted and Kortney who was graduating at home in Show Low that night. Elder Clark asked all Senior missionaries to stand up. He read to us from D&C 100:1-3 and promised us that "all would be well with our families." It was such a reminder again to me that my elder and I are blessed to be here to serve this mission. We may not be preaching daily but we are doing our best to help those young missionaries, that do the preaching, get that opportunity. So, my friends and family, I say, keep on being weird. It will bring you the greatest joy when all is said and done.

            Verily, thus saith the Lord unto you, my friends, (Elder and Sister Seaman,)
        your families are well; they are in mine hands, and I will do with them as
        seemeth good: for in me there is all power.      D&C 100:1

All my love,
Sister Seaman

Till we meet again...

Adios Paco! That means goodbye Frank in Spanish.  That is what I called Elder Garrett because he was learning Spanish while he was here.  I heard him bear his testimony in Spanish at their ward last Sunday in his farewell talk.  Remember, this is the guy that was is the terrible car accident that I have talked  so much about. 
     Well, Trixie and John Garrett are now home and have been released and it feels like they died.  We have moped around here all week wondering what we are going to do for a good time.  I am sure we will get over it, but man did we have a good time while they were here.  The fishing and the bike riding, eating out, going places. It won't be the same.
     John is the guy that called me Miley instead of Mikey.  This is the guy that told everybody I graduated from the University of Circle K.  This is the guy that loved to beat me at the fishing games. This is the guy that went to the movies with the us on "guys night out" and yelled out loud at the action.  He sat in the chair on his knees and yelled "Oh Wow" and telling everyone within earshot how much he liked that scene.  He said I had a bulls-eye on my back (easy to make fun of.)  It sounds like he was kinda mean.  He was not.  I could not perceive any kind of guile in this man.  He did it to make you smile and we did smile and laugh a lot.  I think if he had thought he had hurt my feelings it would have crushed him.  He liked to play "name that tune" a lot.  He really liked it when I lost and he would proclaim to all that would listen that my wife was the champion and I was the LOSER.  He was so stinkin funny.
     I will be looking for John and Trixie Garrett when we get home.  I hope he never loses his sense of humor.  Trixie on the other hand is my hero.  I don't think I have seen many people who would give up there life (literally) for their spouse.  She did.  I don't think I ever told her how I felt about that.  She prefers to stay in the background and let him get all the attention.  I don't know many women who can out-work me physically.  I think she can.  She is not afraid of anything.  The first time she jumped up in the back of my truck to unload the bikes, I thought good grief, I can't do that anymore.  She did it every time we went.  I tried to beat her but never did.
     Sister Seaman and I got the chance of a lifetime to meet these people.  We loved them and I think they loved us. It has and will continue to make our mission great and their influence will change us for the rest of our lives.
     Till we meet again John and Trixie Garrett!

Elder Seaman

This is the old Independence Fire Station.
It is now a really cool bike shop.

Elder Seaman in the Bat Cave.
Goodbye Sea Avenue.



  1. Thank you for sharing that scripture Mom. I am counting on Heavenly Father taking care of us and doing with us what seemeth him good!!! It made me cry today. Thank you for your service!!! and Man are you feeling like a rich girl? new apartment, new furniture. Wow. I love it.
    I love John and Trixie!!! I am so thankful that you guys got hooked up. Wish I could meet them and I am so sad they went home. I have enjoyed reading about that guy. I am hoping you make some new friends soon. LOVE you!!!

  2. I love the stories you guys tell! How could the Garretts not like you??? I enjoy the crap out of you. Mom, miracles happen even on the phone. Think how much you have learned. And I bet Heavenly Father gets a kick out of you yelling at people with accents.

  3. I am dying to go to the bat cave!!! It sounds so exciting. And I want to go to some estate sales as well. Mom you are so lucky to get to do that every once in a while! And I am so super impressed you guys have made such great friends. Please look them up when you get home!! Love you!