Sunday, May 3, 2015



May 3, 2015

Last two entries in my journal:

        April 25, 2015 - Lorraine died. Seems so surreal. How will Ted do? I am sick,
        sick, sick for him.

       April 28, 2015 - On our way to Utah. We spotted mountains in Wyoming this
       morning. I cried. I still can't fathom Lorraine has died. We are heading west. Ponderosa
       pines dot the hills. We are closer to Home.

It was truly Home this week with all our family but the 3 Walker grands and little Elijah. Like we had never left. What a bittersweet time. Such a contrast for all of us to be saying Hello in one breath and Good-bye in another breath to our Lorraine. My heart cries for them. I am counting on the Savior to
aid and comfort them. I know He will.
     Lorraine had so many friends. She lived her life with beauty, graciousness, and class. I want to
be that way.
     As we were getting ready to leave Caitlin stopped Mikael and wanted to know how much she loved her. Now, Mikael Baum did not want to be bothered. She had been busy for two days chasing her cousins around so she could tell them what to do. Caitlin kept after her until finally, in frustration, Mikael stomped her foot and said, "OOoo.....super much."  That is how I felt. Like I loved them all super much.
     We are home again in the saddle. It felt good to get back to our responsibilities for now. We both realized that Missouri is our Home for now. We are happy, willing, and grateful to serve. We are Home.

All my Love,
Sister Seaman

Jamison, Missouri and a Bike Ride...

     There is a guy in our mission office that is over the mission cars. 90 of them.  He is the "Car Czar."  His name is Fred Carlson.  He and his wife are serving a church service mission here.  They live here, in Raytown, and have for the last 9 years.  He is 74.  This is his 3rd mission here and he is as dedicated as they come.  He is pretty much deaf and he talks in a high squeaky voice.  But he is the Lord's man.  I have come to love this old guy and his wife.  His wife by the way, is as pure and kind and soft spoken as they come.  She is already headed to the Celestial Kingdom.
     Elder Carlson owns a "farm" up in Jamison, which is within throwing distance of Adam-Ondi-Ahmen.  Literally.  His little farm isn't much; a couple of acres, a house, small shop, garden and grass, but it is beautiful.The town has gravel roads and is in the throws of death.  It is old and no one is wanting to come back.  About 100 people live there.  Most
of them live in abject poverty.
   Elder Carlson has been telling me about his "farm" for a while now.  He invited Kim and I up to see it yesterday.  He said he was going to till up his garden and plant some corn and them go fishing over on the ponds at Adam-Ondi-Ahmen.  We went.  It rained on us most of the day though and we didn't get to go fishing, but I did get to drive the tractor and till up some black Missouri soil.  We did stop in at the Whipple's and ask to go fishing.  That would be Terry Whipple and wife (Malapai Meat Packing in Taylor, AZ) who are the directors of the mission at Adam-Ondi-Ahmen.  He looks a lot like Delsa (as in Delsa Frost) and his brother Larry.  If you like farming and ranching and lots of hard work, that would be a great mission to be on. You have to know somebody to get on that one.  They only have 12 couples and the Mission President is Thomas Monson.
     After we got back from Jamison, we went bike riding with our friends.  The trail is about 18 miles long of essentially a flat 6' wide, hard-packed trail.  It was great and so beautiful.  No houses, no people, no nothing except green grass and trees and the Little Blue River which you cross several times on wooden bridges.  It is dream like.  I am hooked.  We will be doing that some more. 
     By the way, Layton, Utah is a long way from here (1000 miles).  The trip was so bittersweet. Saying good-bye to Lorraine and hello to our kids and grandkids and my Mom. It was good to be back in the saddle.

Elder Seaman

Kim and brothers at the Luncheon
L to R: Eben, Kim, Jared, Ted and Charlie

The "1980's" before and the after the funeral cousins.
Elder and Sister Seaman under the R&R trestle.


  1. BTW Dad. You did great conducting at the funeral. I always love to hear you speak. Your bike ride sounds amazing!!! I wish I could go with you. Glad you found something you will love to do.
    Love you super much Mom! It makes me happy that you guys are feeling good about being back in the saddle, needed and at home for now.

  2. It was so sweet to see you guys but so so sad for the Lewis family. We are still praying Heavenly Father will comfort them. I often find myself thinking of sweet Lorraine and seeing the world through her eyes. It's beautiful. And I can only imagine how beautiful that bike ride was. I love you guys!