Sunday, May 17, 2015

"Can You Understand Me?"

"Can you Understand me?"

May 17, 2017

     We have a young sister serving in the VC from Mexico. She came into my office this week, sat down, and said,"Seester Seaman, where ees your husband?" I gave her my memorized line that he was out and about serving the Lord. That is because I cannot keep up with his travels. All these towns are spelled one way, but in Missouri, these people say them the way they want to.  Sister Gonzalez wondered if he had a pancake in the Batcave. Remember, the Batcave is the basement where he stores all the mission goods. A pancake in the Batcave.....My mind went into its reflex mode when I try to speak my version of Spanish to Spanish people. I loudly and slowly repeated to her, "You want a pancake?" She nodded and away we went. After lots of hand gestures with the word "banana" thrown in, I figured out she really wanted a small loaf pan to make banana bread. Oh, that was fun! I just had to laugh and laugh. I even think she thought it was a pretty good time by the end of the conversation.
     I've been trying to figure out something else this week. We have become old bike riding missionaries after work. My bum is so dang sore. I rode bikes all the time when I was younger and I never had that complaint. My elder bought me a padded seat that he said looked a like a lounge chair but that wasn't the fix. We advanced to Jel seats. No good, either. I have learned to run a computer in Missouri. I WILL learn to ride a bike comfortably again also. When I get to coast and stand up for awhile, I am in awe of the GREEN. So beautiful.
     I was thinking of my brother, Eben, last night when we were coasting along. It was his birthday yesterday and I remembered borrowing his bike years ago to ride up the hill to play with Claire Peterson. They lived in the Overson house in the summer years ago. The chain broke on me so I thought I would just get on and coast back home. The trouble was I was coasting down the hill right across from Show Low's now famous Sonic. I "coasted" about 90 MPH down and off the hill, rounded the road, and ran into a boat parked in front of Cash and Carry, all the while yelling for Eben. He ran to the crash sight but it was my dad that carried me in to the store past all the summer customers to his office. I have had some pretty good times with Eben. He is my brother and my friend.
     My old friend, Elder Carlson, keeps my desk stocked with fresh flowers from his yard or the cemetery by his house. Peonies are everywhere right now. I bet when this was the Garden of Eden, they bloomed all the time, not just a short couple of weeks. I feel a little small about him getting them from the cemetery but he claims they are all over the place so I just enjoy their smell and beauty. My mom loved flowers and I have tried to honor her memory by buying the grocery store variety for my table once a week like she did. Only she bought hers from Show Low Flower Shop from Myrtle every Saturday after we got groceries at Nick's Market.
     The rains continue to fall. I have decided Missouri's monsoon season is year round. The work continues on - it is New Arrivals and Departure week coming up. That is exciting and sad at the same time. I am finding my niche in the office. Isn't any work we are asked to do all for the building up of the kingdom of God? Every single day when I walk I think of my darlings in AZ and Colorado. I pray for Ted and his family. I pray for Gaye who continues to fight illness and old age. I pray I can learn to sit on a bike without whining and that I can understand little Sister Gonzalez.

All my love,
Sister Seaman

Laughing Out Loud

They are literally racing us down the hill to the pond.  By the time we get there, they have their poles out, hooks baited and casting out into the water. The contest is that there are four winners.  The first to catch, the biggest catch, the most caught, and the last.  These men become champions.  There were only 5 of us so that means someone is a loser.  I had to pick up Elder Garret and so the other truck got the jump on us.  The first pond was at Far West.  You know, the place where the temple site is dedicated and the corner stones are set, and a fence and restroom and nothing else.  It use to be a town of several thousand people.  When the Saints left, it was torn down and plowed under and in a matter of a few short years virtually wiped clean.  Even the grave yard was plowed under.  Missouri did not like Mormons.  It was very clear.  Anyway, I digress.  The fishing competition was in full swing.  It was one of those beautiful Missouri mornings where the mist was hanging low, it is quiet but the birds can't keep still. Everything is wet from a torrential rain on Friday. It is beautiful.  The first truck is stuck in the field because they did not want to walk in. And wonder of wonders, the fish are biting.
     We are catching mostly Blue Gill.  Big ones. We are using live worms for bait.  Someone caught the first fish on the first cast and after that it was a free-for-all.  We had Elder Toronto with us.  He is the Director of the Visitor Centers here and at the Historic Liberty Jail.  It was his first time with us.  He was excited to be there. There was also Elder Carlson (the fishing guru), Elder Garret, Elder Black and me.
     Now, down to the crux of the matter.  After a while, things started slowing down and the patience game started.  I am not patient and that is why I have not fished much in my lifetime.  However, Elder Garret is very patient.  He was so patient that he, and only he, caught 3 large-mouth bass, the largest weighing at least 2.5 lbs.  He also caught a large croppy.  Nobody else caught anything but blue gill.  When Elder Garret caught the first big fish, he started exclaiming at the top of his lungs, "Oh my gosh" repeated several times.  He was so excited he had the rest of us laughing out loud.  Each and every time he caught a big one, it was the same process. Laughter. 
     Elder Garret had his fish on a stick in the water.  After a while, he noticed that the stick and fish were moving away from the edge and out into the pond.  He made a diving catch and caught hold of the stick and noticed that a large snapping turtle was dragging the fish away and proceeded to have a tug-o-war with the turtle. He is yelling and jumping around and we are laughing.  I can still hear it and it makes me smile.  The rest of us would also laugh, out loud, and with delight, whenever we caught something. 
     It is a wonderful thing to hear grown men laugh with pure delight.  It makes you young again. It boosts your spirit. It was a truly memorable day at Far West and Adam-Ondi-Ahmen. We caught over a hundred fish yesterday and did not want to quit.  The laughter never stopped.  I'll bet I am at least 5 years younger.  Remember to laugh.  Your world will look better and brighter to you. 
     By the way, I was the loser, if you must know.  But I got a nap.

Elder Seaman


Cemetery flowers from Elder Carlson.
That's his dear wife working in the
Elder Garret - The Champion

Mother's Day from my girls.


  1. Your posts are my new Sunday treat. Fishing and flowers, it doesn't get much sweeter than that. Mark is suddenly interested in serving a fishing mission.

  2. Love love LOVE your letters! And the two of you!

  3. Oh I love to see you two happy! Mom, your story made me laugh out loud. Your struggle with non English is funny. We all struggle with it but you are so honest about it. Funny. Dad, I never thought I would hear you say that fishing could be fun. It is so boring. But I am glad you got to have a good day. Love love you both!

  4. Mom I often find myself yelling louder and speaking slower to someone who doesn't speak English. It's the darnedest thing! I'm turning into my sweet mother.
    Dad you keep fishing. It's so sweet you are enjoying it!