Sunday, May 24, 2015

A Good Time


A Good Time

May 24, 2015

      I heard the news when the AP's called my elder to tell him to come pick up all the luggage. I dreaded the next phone call. It came. "Sister Seaman, President Vest here. Our 14 missionaries flight home was cancelled. I'm going to give you this number and I want you to see what you can do from that end. It is chaotic here and we can't seem to get any information".  My mind raced.......does this man truly know me? Does he know I have NEVER talked to a Helpline of any sort for anything because I have a phobia of talking to strangers on the phone plus no patience to be put on hold? All I could think to do was to ask for Heavenly Father's help and, then, get to work.
      The initial United flight was planning on carrying our 14 missionaries to Denver and, from there, they would all depart to their various homes. It had developed engine trouble. I wondered if their engine trouble could be because the workers can't understand each other? I spoke with four different people and they all had deep accents that were not from Arizona. My favorite friend was George. Now let me tell you, it took quite some time before I got his name right. I kept asking him and he kept telling me. I would yell at him for him to tell it to me again. "Mumble....mumble...." Finally, I got smart and told him to spell it to me. "G as in green goose....E as in elephant....."  ....George!
George was from Mexico and by the time we got through with each other we were fast friends. Don't tell my president but I had a good time while he was stuck in lines at the KC airport. He would call my cell phone and George would patiently wait while I gave him a name of a missionary that could head to a new flight. I could feel George smiling through the phone and even my president's tone got lighter as the afternoon wore on.  All the while this process was unfolding I was in awe of my Heavenly Father. Who else could have helped me through this new adventure? No one, I say; no one. We ended with 14 missionaries heading home to see their mothers and me asking George if he knew what Mormons were. He told me he used to play soccer as a small child in Mexico with Mormons. I advised him to look them up again because we know more than just how to play soccer. "Seester, you have made my day" were his final words.
     My grandchildren, I tell you this. Heavenly Father will help you if you only ask. He is aware of us. He knows what we need. The key word is Need, not want. Your old grams is living proof of that. I am sure there have been other "coincidences" or things that worked out and I thought, "Man, I was lucky" that were truly taken care of  by the Lord. Say your prayers. Every morning and night and throughout the day as you feel the need. Not just prayers of asking. Throw in prayers of thankfulness. You are blessed children. We are a blessed family. Any one of us that was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ are a blessed people.
     My last conversation ended with President Vest thanking me for getting it done. I told him that it was Heavenly Father that did it and, also, I had been wanting to ask for a raise. He tripled my salary right on the spot. My family, look for those blessings! They will now be coming down in triple time. Hurray, hurray, Hurray!

All my love,
Sister Seaman

Special Places

     One of the things that I have enjoyed doing is taking P-Day outings with the Senior Missionaries.  We go fishing or sight-seeing or bike riding.  Yesterday we planned a trip to Adam-ondi-Ahmen.  We took 25 senior missionaries and one young departing missionary whose Mom and sister had come to pick her up.  The 12 couple missionaries at Adam-ondi-Ahmen can not conduct tours because they do not have time to get off their mowers this time of year, and so if you get lucky the local patriarch, Brother Bonnet and his friend Brother Bunker will take you.  They can take you into a few "restricted access" places.  Brother Bonnet gives the lecture and has a handout for all of us.
   We start with a prayer and I am overcome with emotion as I begin to feel the significance of the things that happened there and will happen there.  It is a beautiful, overcast, misty day.  Everything is so green and beautiful.  Brother Bonnet talks about the beauty of the place and how there is not a temple or chapel here but that it feels like an open air temple.  It does. The 12 missionary couples ensure that it is just as the Brethren want it.  Brother Bonnet continues on about the Valley of Adam-ondi-Ahmen and what we know about it.  It is a large valley bordered on one side by the Grand River.  It is farmland now and has been planted in corn and soy beans.  Literally thousands of acres of farmland.  And get this Arizona people, it is not irrigated, although Brother Bonnet pointed out the nine big wells out in the fields that are not used at present except for drinking water for the couple missionaries and the public restrooms.  Adam and Eve and their posterity lived here.  Not hard to imagine except for the fact that all the other Christian denominations believe it was somewhere else.  This place is mostly one big secret to the world.
     Preacher's Rock is next.  Stories have it that this is a place where the Prophet Joseph Smith preached from.  It is a large rock (and there aren't many of them) set into the side of a hill known as Tower Hill.  Down from the rock is a grove of pecan trees.  Somehow it works as a amphi-theatre and you can hear a man talk in a normal voice from a distance of about 100-150 yards. Amazing. 
     Next is the top of Tower Hill.  This is the place where, rumor has it, that stone alters and towers were built by Adam and the Nephites.  There is nothing there now.  There is something about the place though.  You can feel it.
     Brother Bonnet points out the dedicated temple site location on Spring Hill and the tour ends.  It has been 2 1/2 hours.  Where did the time go?
   The big thing though is what is going to happen here.  We know that the ending scenes of all the dispensations of time will begin here sometime soon.  Maybe some of you will be invited.  The world will not know that you attended nor will most of the church.  What an incredible meeting it will be.  Especially so because of who will be there.  Stay worthy my friends and never give up.  Hope to see you there.

Elder Seaman
Spring Flowers at Far West Temple

Everly Cemetery at A-o-A where some
of the folks who ran the Mormons off
are buried. The Church takes care of
this cemetery.

Elder Carlson brings stale bakery
goods for the Missionaries every
 day. This will have to serve as
B-day cake for Addie who is 32 and
Kirsten who is 38 this week.
We are so thankful for our girls.
Elder and Sister Seaman on Preacher's Rock (Elder Garret Photo Bombs)

Pecan Trees below Preacher's Rock



  1. Mom I just love that story of George! I so hope that he looks up those Mormon friends of his. And dad, I can't wait to come out for a tour!

  2. Your story is a good reminder Mom. Sometimes (okay a lot of times) I forget that the Lord can help me/us do anything. And LOOK at you...YOU are a PRO!!! I can't believe it! When you come home you will be the scheduler for the whole family's vacation! I love it.
    Dad your story is a good reminder too. It's weird because I don't ever hear about that kind of stuff in church anymore, EVER. I wish I did once in a while. I have forgotten so much of it or maybe never knew so much of it. Thanks for the reminder. I hope it get to be there but I'm pretty doubtful. Love you!