Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where did the Time go?

Where did the Time go?

April 27, 2015

     McKenzie Brett Flake, where did the time go? Time has steadily marched on since we all gathered  at your mom and dad's motel room in Albuquerque, NM to view this beautiful little baby they had picked up at the Church Social Service Office earlier. It was you. You were our answer to many prayers. Not only that, you came in the spring when all things are renewed. You were our new beginning.
     I will never forget the day the phone rang in my first grade classroom and it was your mom calling from her work at the bank to tell me she and your dad were chosen to get a baby. They were to pick you up in New Mexico. It was a miracle! Our whole family was being blessed a year to the time that your aunt had given a beautiful baby girl to a wonderful couple.  How could the Lord be so kind? And you have blessed my life ever since that day I laid eyes on you in Albuquerque. You have sung, danced, played, acted your way joyfully through these last 16 years. You will always be my dear friend as we continue to grow old together.
     Time here in Missouri has moved so slowly this past week as we have prayed and waited to finally hear of the passing of our beautiful Lorraine. We have dreaded this day for a year but it has now come. I can't help but believe that the heavens welcomed her home with beautiful singing and joy. They have been expecting her so they postponed some of the garden and home beautifying efforts until she returned.  She walked in beauty here. What would change in the spirit world? Our hearts ache for Ted and his family as they now learn to adjust their lives without her.
     Such life changing events as births and death always bring back a flood of memories of my parents. I remember the summer before your Great Grandpa Eb passed away he would meet with me to try and teach me a few things. One day he shared with me his favorite verse of the song, "How Firm A Foundation" It is Verse 5 on page 85. Look it up and play it on the piano. Lo and behold, our rest hymn today in our sacrament meeting was this very song. We had a guest Samoan choir that is putting on a fireside here tonight visiting our ward. All Samoans can sing but when several more big men are added to the mix, it was as if Lorraine's Angel Choir took over.  I couldn't sing. I had to sit and listen to my elder sing in my ear.  Verse 4 is for Ted and his family today:

          When through the deep waters I call thee to go,
           The rivers of sorrow shall not thee o'erflow
           For I will be thee, thy troubles to bless.
           And sanctify to thee, and sanctify to thee,
           And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress.

     Time marches on here in Missouri. We hit our 6 month mark today on your 16th birthday. What is 6 months of service in a lifetime? I hope it counts for something. That is why we are here. To pay back the Lord for, oh, so much! I know we will all sit around together in the spirit world someday  and reminisce our lives on this earth. How we got here. How long we stayed. Why we left. Some too soon. Some longer than they expected. Isn't Time strange? You will turn around before you know it  and see your own child turn 16. Mark my words and have a happy, happy day.

My Love,
Sister Seaman

The Palest Ink is Brighter than the Fondest Memory

     Grandpa Eb was full of old sayings.  He always had some old saying to fit a given situation. One of the ones I remember was, "The palest ink is brighter than the fondest memory." For those of you who don't get it, it means if you write down some important thought or event, even if you use the palest ink, it will be truer and brighter than the same fondest memory.  It was actually him telling me to write things down and not rely on a memory.  He was used to doing business with your word and handshake as bond.  Often times I know that he felt that somehow the other person's fondest memory was brighter than his and it wasn't in his favor.  So every time that happened he would remind me to write things down, even if the pen was running out of ink.
     Writing this blog has awakened that old saying.  It is a struggle to think of anything important to say every week.  Sister Seaman and I do the very same thing over and over each week.  Like the movie "Ground Hog Day." We wake up to the very same thing every day.  Don't misunderstand though, I like what I'm doing.  But it is not worth writing home about every week.  So we struggle to find things that will be important to us later, when we re-read these blog posts.  They will be truer and brighter in written form than relying on our memories.
     We have been anticipating Lorraine Lewis's passing for quite some time now.  It is so sad.  She was one of this world's brightest spots. So talented.  So compassionate.  So nice.  It was way too soon for her to go in my humble opinion.  In her passing, we will all take a look at ourselves and do the self diagnosis.  Will it be me next?  Am I ready?  Our hearts and thoughts go out to Ted and family.  The pain of separation is a hard one.  When you love someone as Ted and Lorraine did, you are just not complete anymore when someone leaves.  I have noticed that only the passage of time seems to heal the broken heart.  And time just crawls when it is your heart.  Our prayers will be for Ted and family to heal and that God will bless them with peace and understanding.
     When I read this written memory in a few years, I will  remember sitting at this computer in our little dumpy apartment in Independence Missouri, with the beautiful music playing and a warm breeze blowing in through the open sliding door and I will remember Lorraine Lewis and how she changed the world.
     Goodbye Lorraine.  Until we meet again.
Just before leaving on our mission.  6 months ago.


  1. I have nothing of importance to say or add. But this. I am so so grateful for our family. It was reiterated again to me how blessed I am as we all gathered in Layton to celebrate sweet beautiful Lorraine. And then seeing sweet grandma. And then you guys. I feel so blessed this week. And I am praying for Ted and his family that they can heal. Love love love you!

  2. That is a good saying by that good old guy, isn't it? I too have had to renew the practice of writing things down. I am so glad you all continue to write on this blog. It may seem like you don't have anything great to say but I am so thankful to read your insights and get just a tiny glimpse into your lives.
    It was a good week. Good to see you and good to re-new relationships. We will continue to pray for those sweet Lewis's. Love love you!!!

  3. Your posts make me laugh and make me happy. They also make me want to serve a mission with Mark before too long. Keep writing you two, you make ordinary days into something extraordinarily sweet.