Sunday, April 19, 2015

He Sent HIs Son

He Sent His Son

April 19, 2015

      It is Spring in Independence! The highlight of my day is to take a walk just about anywhere and study blossoms, treebark, and shades of green. Check out the dogwood tree that has both colors of blossoms on it! Who would have known? I can truly believe this was the Garden of Eden. This will, by far, go down as my favorite season to be here.
      We rode the train from Independence to Kansas City yesterday on our P Day. We invited other senior missionaries and then took in some sights at Union Station. Earlier that morning, my elder and I drove the mission van, Starship Enterprise, down to park it. Our friends, the Garretts, followed us there so we had a ride back to Independence. The train was not coming back this way on Saturday so we needed transportation back home in the evening. I will let my elder tell you about his trainride because I think I fell asleep. Union Station is full of history. Kansas City was the hub-bub of the United States at one time.
     On occasion, I get to play the piano in Primary when the pianist goes AWOL. I love it.  My first years of service began on the piano when I was called to play in Jr. Primary on Wednesday afternoons when I turned 12 years old. I played for Primary for the next six years until I graduated from high school and went to NAU. I love the Primary songs. So many bring back memories of when I learned them, played them, taught them, or I listened to dear sweet Primary kids sing them. I cannot hear "Heavenly Father's Prayer"  without reliving the times Caitlin and I would lead our Sierra Pines Primary in singing that. Oh, that room rang with joy! There is nothing like a simple song that bears witness of the glorious truths of the Gospel.
      We sang "He Sent His Son" today. Those words spoke loud and clear to me.

                  How could the Father tell the world of love and tenderness?
             He sent His son, a newborn babe, with peace and holiness
                 What does the Father ask of us? What do the scriptures say?
             Have faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on their way
                 What does He ask?      
           Live like His Son.

      Our thoughts and prayers are always on our loved ones in their specific trials. We pray daily, all day, for Lorraine and the Lewis family. We pray for the Fuentes' as they begin a new phase in their life. We pray for Lindsay, Jace, and their family-specifically our Elijah. We know that it is all we can do from this end. This song says to me- have faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on their way. I am going to do that out here in Missouri. It is a simple life for us. I keep the light on in the mission office. My elder finds apartments, move the goods, and we continue to try to live like His Son.

All my love,
Sister Seaman   

All a Board....not

     The Amtrak station is Independence hasn't changed in about 50 years.  This is the place President Harry S Truman came home to and lots of other famous people passed through.  I thought it would be great to ride the train to Kansas City Union Station watching the beautiful scenery pass by the windows.  I was mistaken.  As soon as we left, we were looking at the backyards of old houses with a lots of accumulated junk.  It got worse.  The tracks now travel through the most derilic parts of KC.  The forgorten industial yards.  The vacant old buildings with trash everywhere.  Oh well.  It only cost $ 6.50 a piece for 35 minutes of junk.  Union station is still a beautiful old building. I think it was built in 1914. It is now part of the downtown "crown" section (The Hallmark Crown, because Hallmark is in this part of town) of KC.  Lots to see and do down there.  They were filming a segment of American Ninja in front of Union station the day we were there.  It was prom night and lots of kids were dressed to the "nines" or not, hanging out down there.  It was a good day.  But don't ride the train unless you want to sleep.
     Having lived out west (the dry, arid west) all of my life, the spring time in Missouri is so beautiful, green and colorful.  We got a couple of inches of rain yesterday.  I don't know where all the water goes because it disappears fast, but it is beautiful.  Driving through the country side is an amazing experience for this Arizona boy.
     Sister Seaman and I continue to serve and do the best we can.  Sometimes it feels like it isn't worth much, but most of the time I know that it counts.  Friday night we went to a presentation by Truman Pratt.  A great-great grandson of Parley P Pratt.  He is a member and lives here.  He told stories about his ancestor and it was interesting.  However, the part that stuck with me is that Parley served in different missions for 27 years of his life.  Away from his home and family.  An amazing story.  He was murdered down in Arkansas while serving a mission there, giving his life literally for the Lord and the Church.  I'll keep my complaining to my self.
     We continue to pray for our family.  We love you.

Elder Seaman

Stake Center looking toward Visitors Center - Red Bud
Tree in foreground

Union Station Selfie

Unusual Dogwood Tree - It has both
white and pink blossoms

Red Bud Tree with moss

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  1. Those trees are amazing! What a beautiful sight you guys get to see and experience back there. Sorry about the train ride. That's a bummer. I love that song mom, especially where it says: have faith, have hope, live like his son. I love it because my whole life both you and dad have done just that. Taught us to have faith and hope. I feel like those are two traits that will help us get us where we need to be. And through difficult times as well. 💗