Sunday, March 15, 2015

Greetings from Independence

Greetings from Independence

March 15, 2015
      The windows are  opened this Sunday afternoon. Girls, remember when you were home and we had window, door, and light rules? Opened windows in daylight hours were a no-no. Wide open swinging doors were not allowed. Lights left on in empty rooms were unheard of in our house. Do you ever remember the cry that would go through the house when we saw your dad pull up? "Dad's home! Shut the door!"  He prided us on thriftiness and good common sense. Now, I wonder, how those window, door, and light rules have carried over into your homes?
    You girls know I have a thing for pulled back curtains, sunlit windows. How can a home be happy when it is dark inside? We went to the Community of Christ Church Friday night for a Book of Mormon symposium. Some professors from BYU and leaders of various branches of break-off groups out here were discussing the one and only aspect that still binds us together-The Book of Mormon. I was so excited to see inside this old beautiful church that Joseph Smith III  had laid the cornerstone for in 1888. The most beautiful thing were the stained glass windows. (see below). They were beautiful as the sun shone through them.
     The rest of the  symposium seemed a bit "flat" as far as I was concerned. Sorta like there was a big old elephant in the room. As you know, there are many break-off groups out here in the Independence area.  They all seem to break the rules like we did with windows, doors, and lights when your dad was not home. Priesthood? Sure, you can hold it if you get a degree. Baptism? Sure, I'll send my sister over soon to do it. Well, I'm exaggerating......but you get my drift. It's kind of like they are wandering around in dark rooms.
     If I know nothing else, Girls,  I know The Gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored in its fullness to this earth. We can be beneficiaries of all the blessings of it. I love that we don't have to create new rules to satisfy the whims of man or woman. Study that Book of Mormon with your kids. Make sure they know and understand that it was written for our day. Teach them that we must be baptized by those in authority just as Jesus Christ was. Teach them to follow the rules. Also, tell them it's a good idea to keep doors and windows shut during warm daylight hours. It heats the place up.   

My love to you all,
Sister Seaman

Spring has Sprung...

     We have a picture in our apartment of the Sacred Grove in New York.  The words printed beneath the photograph read like this, "What happened here changed the world.  Let it change your life."  I have felt the same about Independence and surrounding areas in Missouri.  I have read everything I can get my hands on about what happened here.  The sacred ground we go to everyday to work looks like any other property in the Independence area, as do all the other historic sites.  What happened here has widened my understanding of the Lord's work.  It has given me perspective I would never have gotten had we not been called here.  It has strengthened my testimony and my admiration of those who came here and were driven out, but stayed true and loyal to the Lord.  And so I can say, "What happened here changed my life, let it change your life."
      Spring has sprung here. The trees are budding out, the bulbs are sprouting. There is something about this country that pulls at you.  I find myself starting to love the country side, but don't tell anyone.  I can understand a little better, why the saints liked it here.  But it is not my home, no, not yet. 
    Yesterday we went up to St Joe.  It was a good day with good temperature and sunshine.  St Joseph is about an hour northwest  of here.  We went to the Stetson Hat Outlet (They used to make them here but moved the factory to Texas a couple of years ago.  It was interesting though.  The Garret's were with us and they bought hats and dresses, etc. (They are big horse-cowboy fans.)  We also went to the Pony Express stable museum (see pictures.) That was real interesting. St. Joe was the eastern end and the beginning of the Express route west.  It was a good day.     By the way, I was a light and door Nazi.  I was a poor, broken man trying to provide for his family.  You feel for me don't you?  They make fun of me now for it.  I am sorry that my kids had to suffer and now my grandkids.  Maybe not anymore.  

Elder Seaman 

Book of Mormon Symposium inside Stone
Church. Beautiful Stained Glass.

Original Pony Express Stables


  1. Dad,
    I didn't suffer one bit from you door and window problems. In fact I get a little chuckle every time I think about it. I have good memories of my childhood and you don't ever feel guilty about how you did things. I am sure thinking of and missing the crap out of you both today.
    I love you both!

  2. I agree with Caitlin. It never bothered me. And as an adult now I sure appreciate closed doors and lights off. It's just a smarter thing to do.😘 love you guys!