Sunday, March 1, 2015

"Good morning, this is Sister Seaman....Good afternoon, this is Sister Seaman"

March 1, 2015

      Seems I have been on the phone a lot this week. If you knew me in my civilian life, you knew the phone could ring at our house and I didn't pay much attention to it. I figured that is what my elder bought us an answering machine for. So, it has been quite a transition in my service here as mission secretary to pick that thing up EVERY time it starts ringing.
     This week, there was a man on the other end that spoke with such a Missouri accent that I could only understand every fourth or fifth word. After quite a bit of yelling back and forth to each other I realized he was looking for a mission. I explained we were one. He wanted to know what I was doing there. Now...that is a million dollar question....what the heck am I doing here??.....Without going into much of that detail, I told him I worked there. Then, he asked what everyone else was doing. So, here I am. So obedient and truthful. I stood up and looked through the window in my office and told him that I could see three other people sitting at their desks. Two looked like they were typing and, really, I could just see Elder Black's foot sticking out from his desk behind the wall. I couldn't promise he was really working. Then, he wanted to know if anyone there could help him. The only one not accounted for in my range of vision was Sister Arnold, our mission nurse, and he seemed like he may need medical attention. I passed him on to her. Then, shame on me, I went out in the hall to listen to see if he liked visiting with her more than me. Guess not because it was a short conversation. He asked her if we were street people and could he come help us. Poor guy thought we were helping out in a food kitchen or something. Little did he learn we had more to offer than soup.
      Another experience this week involved a brother who was calling to report that two missionaries were rude to him when he knocked on their door asking for clarification of some church doctrine. He didn't want to tattle but he wanted me to handle it. Well, that whole conversation went downhill after that. "Can you give me their names?" Nope. One was a very different name. "What would you like me to do?" Well, that was patronizing him and now, he knew the church couldn't be true.  I finally had to tell him thanks for calling and hang up. My elder could hear me yelling in my office to him. I get louder when I am nervous and some people might think I am yelling. I am just talking loud. It helps me understand better.
     I also had to get ahold of 15 missionaries and their  parents and tell them how sorry I was but their missionary release date had been extended a week so all bets were off on those flight plans they had received. I would have rather eaten rocks than do that job. It was so interesting to hear all the different responses. "Oh great! Just more blessings for us."........"Oh, my son will be so happy! He loves his mission!"...."Why? I am so disappointed. Can you tell me why?"..........
     The whole week makes me think of Obedience. Again and again. My elder and I talk about this principle every day. I am diligently trying to be obedient.  We are here for a purpose. I believe it is for me to learn to be humble and obedient. I watch from a distance as our families plug along living life in the gospel. Our Jordy took his bar exam. Our Lindsay chases Elijah and occasionally gets discouraged. My dear Sister-in-law, Lorraine, continues to valiantly fight cancer. Our Kyson continues to pitch balls in Arizona. Our world is at home is Show Low, AZ. But for now, I am so trying to be obedient and answer that phone.

All my love,
Sister Seaman

Mexican Food

     There is one thing that I have missed, living in Missouri, these past four months and that is MEXICAN FOOD.  I have, of course, missed other things, like kids and grandkids more, but, ah...the smells and tastes of good mexican food.  I cannot tell you how I have missed eating at Licano's and even La Casita.  The good old smell of hot oil and fry bread, beans and rice, chili and of course the diet pepsi. Wow! 
     Well, after visiting the WWI Liberty Memorial in downtown Kansas City yesterday, we found  "Manny's."  Manny's is a big mexican food restaurant right in the older part of downtown.  I am still savoring the taste and smells.  I have been saved.  I can now get it when I want it. The world is a little brighter today and all is right.
     Did I mention that we went to the WWI Liberty Memorial yesterday.  It was a very somber visit for me.  It is hard to believe that the entire world was as war, everybody taking sides.  There were 6000 lives lost per day durng that war.  If I remember right, there was something like 6,000,000 lives lost all together.  It was crazy.  War is crazy.  This war was fought hand to hand, with rifles and bayonets.  There is a huge granite pillar, and I mean huge, 270 feet tall, dedicated to the lives of the men who died and were from Kansas.  The memorial and museum is built around it's base.  They get huge crowds of people that come to see it, especially in the summer.  I understand that the view is spectacular from the top.  We have rain-check tickets to go and see it on a better day.  It was snowing when we were there yesterday and I think the top of the tower was in the clouds.  War is hell.  Literally.  It should be avoided at all costs.
     I continue to drive through the plains and rolling hills of Kansas and Missouri delivering stuff to missionaries.  I am beginning to love it except for the rage drivers and they can all go to Helen Waite.
     Anyway, viva Mexico!  I'll take a good ol' burrito anyday.
Elder Seaman

Ah....Mexican Food

My favorite saying of late.

Dedication of the WWI Liberty Memorial in 1924



  1. Mom I am turning into you. I talk real loud when I'm nervous or if I don't understand someone. I'm sure it helps! It must.
    Dad what a sweet little blessing for you to have "mannys" we are still on the hunt here for a good place. A place can't compare to home or even start to until you find a good Mexican joint. Love you guys!

  2. We listened to a couple report a mission to Ethiopia last night. Although the scene was completely different, there were so many common threads in both of your missionary experiences.

  3. Mom the funny thing is, I am not even on a mission and I find myself asking that question all the time, "why the heck am I here?" ugh. I hate that question and all questions that linger in my mind. You have taught me about obedience and faith and that HAS to be the answer to all of it. How I love that you already know the answer and you and Dad remind each other of it. LOVE LOVE your quote. I NEED IT. I am going to make one, one of these days. P.S. I can picture you standing up looking around to see what everyone else is doing in the office. Hahaha. I so wish I could be a fly on the wall once in a while...
    Dad-I know how you love Licano's. It makes me so happy that you have found some good food out there. I don't know why food makes people happy but it just does. Beware though!!! You will come to love that Manny's place so much that when you come home guess what you will crave once in a while? not Licano's!!

  4. Better late than never....oh mom, you make me chuckle. I can picture you yelling at people kindly. I tend to do the same thing. It's fine. Keep answering the phone, it will also help you with drive thrus.
    Dad, I think dan and I warned you about no Mexican food back there. Weird, huh. They are a dime a dozen out here but very rare back there. So happy you found one!