Sunday, February 22, 2015

Call me the Quarter Sister

Call me the Quarter Sister

February 22, 2015

     There has been an energy in the mission this week. It was New Arrival Day on Wednesday, transfers on Thursday, and Departures on Friday. We have been here through three transfers and as we get to know more missionaries, it pulls at my heart to see some of my friends leave the area. We have been blessed to have two sets of sisters across the hall from us in our apartment building. We got really attached to them. They all were transferred to other areas. Before they left, they wanted me to promise that THEY would always be my Quarter Sisters. Now, I try not to do lots of baking and I can't quote scripture BUT I do have quarters. Our six apartments  that share the washer and dryer must have quarters on hand at all times. I loved to give them quarters to do their laundry because I always like the smell of clean clothes. I consider it a pretty cheap way to serve.  (Check out the picture below of Sisters Reeves and Jex).
     We went to a lecture on Oliver Cowdrey Friday night at the Visitor's Center. Sister Reeves, one of our Quarter sisters was playing the piano. My elder leaned over to me and whispered, "I didn't know Maddie could play the piano". I quietly reminded him she is Sister Reeves to him, not Maddie. She is the tall blonde below who so reminds us of our own quiet, funny Mattie at home. So, our dear Mattie.....if you choose to serve a mission someday, there may be an old senior couple serving with you who will learn to love you and cry when you get transferred.
     Our FM Friends invited us to a dutch oven cookout and bonfire on Saturday night. Now, this was a special invite I want you to know. We drove for over an hour and ended up in a hollow where few people have been before. The whole evening was so surreal. I felt like I reading a script or watching a segment of Moonshiners. Please tell me there is a show like that on The Discovery Channel. Folks who live "out" in Missouri truly live "out". I felt like we went back at least twenty years in time. Mark works for the FM Group and drives into town each day. He hauls old missionary mattress', broken chairs, etc out to his property and has a riproaring bonfire three or four times a year. Now, my Arizona grandkids.....this is against the law where you live. Do not try this at home. He pours gas on that thing and it explodes. The weird thing is that there is a forest of trees right next to the fire. Our whole state would burn down if we tried that in our back yard.
     Our two AP's invited us to their mini-MTC Saturday morning for the Independence Stake YM/YW. As part of the presentation, the youth were shown the Youtube blip of one of our sisters that is serving here in the Independence Visitor Centers. She is the first sister we met who took us on our tour of the Visitor's  Center when we got in town on that Sunday evening in early November. Sister Krause's story is well worth seeing. She still takes rests in the Sickroom each day to maintain her energy. We continue to see missionaries like her come and go after three transfers. My elder makes sure they all have a decent bed to sleep on. I make sure I have their mother's current phone number in case of an emergency. I also make sure I have a roll of quarters in the desk drawer.

Kilee Krause Story

All my love,
Sister Seaman

Zion...The Center place

     I have heard that Zion will be in the center place.  Did you know that Independence, Missouri is said to be almost exactly half-way between the east coast and the west coast.  I thought that might interest you. 
     We had a couple at church today visiting from West Jordan, Utah.  He introduced himself as "Brother Zion."  He said that he is known by that title in his home ward because he is so knowledgeable about "Zion."  He came for the weekend to see the historic sites and is going home today.   I worry about people like that.  I hope he is not aiming "beyond the mark," so to speak. I am pretty sure he wants to be in on "it" when "it" happens though.
     As near as I can tell, we, as a church, are a long way from making this place Zion.   A good portion of Independence is old and dilapidated.  The people who live in Independence are old and dilapidated and are slowly dying off or they are young and uneducated, all are seem to be poor.  The neighborhoods are old and run down (the majority appear to have been built in the 1940's or 50's, some earlier , some later.)  The poor are living in the old homes so they are not  being kept up or renovated. Lots of boarded up windows and doors. The locals say Independence has lots of drug problems.  We don't see that much though.  Anyway, something big has got to happen, in my opinion,  before this place will be ready to be called Zion.
     In my own studies, I think the prophecies about Independence will come to pass.  It will, someday, be Zion in the Center place.  It began here, it will end here. 
     As you might guess, I am not doing well on this post.  I am running out of things to talk about.  I am also weary of the work the accompanies transfer week and after.  I have lots to do and it is repetitive and boring.  It does keep me very busy though for which I am grateful.  I do see small miracles almost everyday, believe it or not.  The mission received a new 12 passenger van a couple of weeks ago.  I have put over 3000 miles on it already.  It looks like the Starship Enterprise, especially when it is pulling a 14' enclosed cargo trailer.  I'll post a picture sometime.
     Anyway, so long from Zion, the Center Place.

Elder Seaman
Love Letters from our departing Sisters

Bon Fire in the Woods

Sisters (Mattie) Reeves and Jex

My Elder and Mark, the FM guy



  1. What a kind lady mother, I'm sure they will miss you and your quarters!
    Dad, I love the picture of you! I love to see you smiling with "Eastie" friends. Also, the new coat and boots.....whoa!

  2. Mom I love that you are the quarter lady!! What a small but great thing to offer up to those sweet girls �� and dad, totally love your coat! You look happy in this picture! Hang in there you guys! We pray for you. I may have mentioned you guys in my talk on Sunday and our relief society president told me afterwords, I mentioned it's been a little adjustment for you guys, she said she felt the same way on her first senior mission! She said she was miserable even. We are meeting next week to talk more as I'm so curious what her mission was. Love you guys! You aren't alone!