Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Sister Seaman's version:

  The day finally arrived! We were set apart by our dear President Williams before we left Show Low. I found even before we hit the front door I was clinging to some of those special promises that the Lord made through him. I was one homesick little girl even with my dear companion six inches away
at all times. I was in awe of ALL those sweet young elders and sisters busily going about their work. It was especially thrilling to be at the Tuesday night devotional where Sister Rosemary Wixom, the Primary President, and her husband, spoke. The Senior couples get to sit up front in padded chairs and the young elders and sisters fill in all the way to the top of the auditorium. To look up there and see a wave a beautiful young girls just a bit older than my Kortney and McKenzie left behind in Show Low, and then, a sea of white shirts behind them was so empowering! The Gospel of Jesus Christ is such a gift to this world. I was determined to go do my part in INDEPENDENCE, MO. I knew those flower beds were waiting for fall work to be done. This was truly a highlight of that long week.
     You all may wonder what was my first highlight? Well, one of my kindest, sweetest first graders from many years past was entering the MTC three days after we were there. Sister Lexi Nikolaus will be serving in the Los Angeles Temple Visitor's Center. On the day I knew she would arrive, my Elder Seaman humored me by letting us follow new arriving little groups of young sisters to their apartment building. No Lexi. I wandered the aisles of the cafeteria that evening looking at every dark haired sister I could find. No Lexi. To make a long story short, I asked Heavenly Father if  I could please see that sweet girl. I was so homesick! She was a heartbeat away from all that I had left in Show Low. She was Home.
     After spying again the next morning on all those young dark haired sisters, we began to eat our breakfast. As we were visiting with an couple that seemed even older than us, I looked up and walking towards me with tears in her eyes was Sister Nikolaus! We hung on to each other and cried. She will never know what strength she gave me that morning. That beautiful young thing! If she can leave all she loves to serve the Lord, so can I. I even get to choose my companion for the next 18 months, my dear Elder Seaman.  Thank you, Sister Nikolaus. -------------Sister Seaman    
Sweet Sister Nikolaus

MTC October 27, 2014
Elder Seaman's version:

      The day came all too quickly.  Where did the summer go?  I am not ready, but said our good-byes,  packed up our stuff, turned off the house and locked it up, got in the truck and drove off and did not look back.  Felt a little like the what I imagined the Saints leaving Nauvoo may have felt like.  Drove into the MTC with a truck piled high with "stuff," and began to learn how to teach the gospel.  The four days were filled with high stress role playing, learning the teaching principles and eating at the Cafeteria with about 400+/- other missionaries.  There were 40 other Senior Couples there with us headed to places all over the world.  It is amazing to think that so many give up family, friends, jobs, retirement, and just go because they can and want to, knowing the Lord needs them.  This happens every week!  For me the MTC experience rocked.  It was filled with so many amazing spiritual experiences that I did not want to leave and enter back into the world.  It felt spiritually safe there.  I liked it and especially to be there with my companion, even though she was sooo homesick.

     I think the high-lite of the MTC for me was the moment I came to realize that even I could teach the gospel if called upon to do it and to do it boldly.  I am sure this will wear off as we plant flowers in Missouri but I will not forget the experience.  I also came to realize that no matter what we do on our mission we will be needed and appreciated by the Saviour.  I pray that we will be successful, even though I am not sure that I understand what that means today.




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  1. I loved reading this post! Mom I can only imagine what it meant to sweet Lexi to see you and hug you. I know you gave her strength as she did you. Dad, I loved your analogy of loading up what you could and going. Just as the pioneers. You guys are our pioneers for our family. What a legacy you all will set for the rest of us. Love you guys! I hope you read these comments :)