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November 22, 2014

     We have spent three Saturdays in Missouri. All three of those Saturdays have been spent moving Stuff to help missionaries be more comfortable. Whether it was moving Stuff from estate sales to the mission's Batcave (basement in the stake center where all the missionaries' "stuff" is stored) or moving sets of missionaries' stuff to new apartments. This moving business has been a highlight of my week. I like Elder Seaman's mission call. It takes me back to my roots. I grew up in the back of an old yellow Chevy truck that was always on the move looking for good stuff to buy, sell, or trade.
     The picture below shows my Elder helping two sweet missionaries get settled in a new place yesterday. Everytime I am around elders in these situations, I am in awe of their goodness, commitment, and happiness. This is Elder ...ha....something. My Elder told me after the move that this elder is on a football scholarship to University of Utah. He was a 330 lb. defensive tackle. When he leaves his mission, he is taking all his stuff straight to Utah to the football field. Then, my Elder told me this young missionary has lost 70 lbs. since he came out on his mission due to missionary work. Now, mind you, this young elder did not tell me any of this. He was just so grateful for the new little twin bed and a blender.
     After our move yesterday we went to visit Temple Lot owned by The Church of Christ. A very kind old gentleman gave us a short history of his religion, the Hedrickites. That is their "Nickname", named after their leader, a Mr. Hedrick. These good people were members of our church until their leader got a revelation in 1864 telling them to return to Missouri in 1867 and live in that consecrated land in Jackson County, Missouri.  I kinda think Mr. Hedricks decided he didn;t like Brigham Young so he went it alone. Anyways, these people got all their Stuff together, moved back and bought Temple Lot. Now, this little tour guide gets to meet every Mormon who visits Independence, Mo. Just like our young, robust missionaries, he believes in his cause. As we listened to his story yesterday I got the feeling Heavenly Father really, really loves him. Just like he loves these young missionaries we get to move around the mission. That little Hedrickite man's Saturday was well spent. That's the joy of this mission. There is a church on every corner and, on Saturdays, when we finish hauling stuff around, we can pop in get a history lesson from good people owning part of the Truth. These young elders and sisters, like Elder Kola...something, know it all. They will proclaim it to anybody. That is why I will get in the truck on any Saturday and help move their stuff.

Love, Sister Seaman

Travels, Graveyards and Church

        In my travels this week, I was within 4 miles of Adam-ondi-Amen (Adam walks with God), 7 miles of Hauns Mill (where the Saints didn't listen and there was a massacre) and 7 miles from Far West where the Saints temporarily stopped and dedicated a temple site (there is absolutely nothing there today but a little church (CC or RLDS)  and a fenced lot with the 4 cornerstones.) We make this run every so often to  deliver furniture, bikes or whatever to the missionaries living there.  In this case, two of the companionships were Senior Sisters.  I feel for the Senior Sisters.  They are way out there, living in little tiny towns, where their work is to support (MLS, member leadership support) the Branch or Ward (visiting the less active and helping out in certain callings.) I know they get involved and love the people but it seems lonely. I also know that they are successful. This trip went northeast 80 miles or so in a big circle ( 160 mile round trip) with 3 stops.  Two stops in Chillecothe and one in Trenton. I came back with a loaf of homemade bread (it was so good), satisfied that they were doing OK out there. I don't remember if I told you that the mission pays about $ 58,000 a month for rent on all the apartments I manage.  We closed one apartment in Blue Springs and opened one in Olathe this week taking the furniture from one to the other. It is busy and I do get to see lots of country.

     Sister Seaman and I live next to a BIG, OLD graveyard.  One of the more interesting residents is that of William E McLellin (see photo). He was one of the original 12 apostles of the church. He apostatized  and left the church and never came back.  He lived in Independence the rest of his life as a doctor.  The other more interesting residents are a few Generals from the Civil War.  They are Confederate Soldiers.  It is so weird to see the grave markers.  There was a huge battle fought near here.  Jim Bridger, the Frontier Scout is buried down the street.  Joseph Smith III is buried in the RLDS cemetery a few blocks from here.  Lilburn Boggs is buried here (Governor of Missouri that signed an extermination order on the Mormons.)  Parts of this area have great and sacred history.

I continue to be amazed at church by the Samoan Element.  They are really good people.  The choir sang a song in Samoan today.  They can sing.  The older Samoans speak with very heavy accents and don't do that well in English, so parts of the meetings are in Samoan.  The young men and women are very strong spiritually and really know the gospel.  They continue to be friendly and loving to us.

We are settling in for the duration, but there are still times I get homesick as does Sister Seaman. We are busy and the time does pass swiftly, at least for me. 
Moving Elders
Temple Lot Marker

Large Crypt in Old Cemetary

Head stones in Old Cemetary

Beautiful resting place
We love you all.


Elder Seaman



  1. I love these pictures. You guys are really on a fun adventure. I'm so happy time is flying for you. Love you both.

  2. Ah crap every time I try to comment on here it deletes my comment I was just saying how fun it was for me to see and read all your posts I'm so impressed sure do love you guys!

  3. Look at you TECHIES!!! Way better than I am! Blogging and posting pics can be a challenge! I so so so love it. Thank you so much for doing it! I wish I was walking around the graveyard with you!!!!

  4. I'm also so impressed your blogging skills. It's amazing! I sure love to read your thoughts. My highlights this post were about Heavenly Father loving that hendrickite and dads new big football friend. Life carries on and your doing it so well. Love you!