Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Arriving in the mission field:

Elder Seaman's version:
     We already knew where the Mission Office was, we were here about 20 years ago.  So we drove there in the shadow of the RLDS or Community of Christ Church's Temple across the street.  It is Sunday night and we check in at the Visitors Center.  The Senior missionaries are having a fireside where new converts are bearing their testimonies and President Vest is speaking. We stay and meet everyone.  ANXIETY!  We are told that we have our initial interview with President Vest on Monday at 11:00.  We show up and so does he.  First thing out of his mouth is that he wants to change our assignments.  He wants Sister Seaman to be the Mission Secretary and me to be the Housing Coordinator for the mission which is the largest mission in the world personnel wise.  It has 280 missionaries (lots of sisters for the 2 Visitor Centers and lots of senior couples.)  So much for planting flowers!

Sister Seaman:

     I am sure any of you taking the time to read this stuff already knows that this change is asking the next to impossible of an old gal who cannot even Copy or Cut OR Paste. It is true. I would do ANYTHING or call ANYBODY to help me with computer work. As for phones......I figure the Lord made answering machines so people like me don't have to ever talk on them. It has been a week of tears, prayers, and even fasting by my dear family at home. I feel the Lord has a sense of humor. I also know He is a God of miracles and I am daily asking for them. After a day of working with missionaries on a service clean-out/move on Saturday, I can see that I love all young missionaries - elders and sisters. They are so bold, happy, energetic. I want to be like them.
    Along with switching hats from FM workers to office workers our thoughts were at home with our dear Hatch family. We were so concerned about little Avy. Oh, she was a sick baby! I kept remembering a promise in my blessing from President Williams about our family being blessed.  I knew the Lord was in charge of our lives and clung to the faith that all would be well. It was such a long week.  I felt like we left Show Low back in 1998 or so. As the weekend progressed Avy just flat "got better" on Sunday! She was diagnosed, finally, with Entrovirus. We read about it and truly see what a blessing it has been that she did not end up with some serious after-effects. Now I call that a miracle. How about you?


  1. Well how cool is that that your right by that crazy looking building. I can't wait to see what pans out for you guys out there. The lord has a plan and im super excited to see it come to life. Please keep posting. This was so fun to read! Ps don't do to good of a job or you won't be able to come home.

    1. I absolutely love reading this!!! Thanks for getting more tech savvy! You guys are doing amazing!

  2. I remember visiting that crazy building! Who would have thought that you would be back living there one day?!?